Mailbag: LeBard changes will benefit community

Recently, a letter to the editor was printed in the Independent that made statements about the Huntington Beach City School District and the LeBard project plan ("District not being responsible with funds," Mailbag, Oct. 18). Unfortunately, many of the statements made in the letter were inaccurate and misleading. HBCSD's plan for LeBard would rebuild many features in the park, including tennis courts, a tot lot, permanent restrooms, a snack bar and six Little League fields, providing the league with permanent fields. It would increase available parking and provide more than five acres of new park for the city of Huntington Beach. This project would also provide a more centrally located district office and a safer working environment for our employees. This plan will pay for itself and may even provide additional funds for facilities maintenance for our school sites.

HBCSD encourages you to see the plan for yourself on our website and not confuse this project with other districts selling school facilities in our community. The LeBard plan is available on our website at

Gregory Haulk

Huntington Beach

The writer is the superintendent of the Huntington Beach City School District.


Missing the bird and veggie beat

I was very upset to read of the impending closure of the Lou Murray/Vic Leipzig column in the Huntington Beach Independent. I have always looked forward to reading about Lou's efforts in growing vegetables at the community garden and at her home, and about Vic's bird-watching forays. This is the one column I looked forward to each week, as it is both informative and humorous. I always learned from it. It was a painless way to receive information about how to care for our environment and how to grow healthy vegetables.

I regret very much the loss of the local flavor of our news media.

Norma Brandel Gibbs

Huntington Beach

The writer is the former mayor of Huntington Beach.


Nonbelief is wave of the future

I really enjoyed your article on the Blessing of the Waves — even though the concept of blessing waves is a non sequitur for me. Your stance on enjoying the secular aspects of religion is a popular one today ("'Blessing' faith at finest," City Lights, Oct. 18). The latest Pew report on religion indicates that one-third of the population under 30 is either atheist, agnostic or unaffiliated with any religion. I have read the Christopher Hitchens book you mentioned. I think he was speaking from a historical perspective in his title, but looking around the world today, we see much conflict that can be attributed to religion. For example, the clash between Israel and its surrounding neighbors and the Muslim world's antipathy (hatred?) toward the West can be laid largely to their belief in the Koran. And even here in the U.S. conflicts such as the lack of acceptance of evolutionary theory and social issues such as abortion, birth control, etc. [can be attributed to religion.]

In any event, I look forward to your writings in the future.

Jim Throgmorton

Seal Beach

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