Mailbag: Meter maids were just doing their jobs

Re. "Mailbag: N.B. parking tickets," Feb. 6:

Really? The rules don't apply to you? You didn't mention the reason for your special treatment — or are you just one of Orwell's pigs that is equal, but more equal than others? Your letter implies that you somehow gave your guests from Illinois permission to flagrantly violate the law, and you reacted outraged that, what, they were caught?

That is precisely the meter maid's job. The rules are there for the safety of the community, not your particular convenience. It's the law. Respect it. And you should pay the fine. You should sit in the corner under a dunce hat, as well.

Sarah Bruck

Corona del Mar


When the Constitution was framed, it was done so for the times, but things are different now. So amendments are needed. One regarding guns because the framers knew nothing of assault weapons. They are not needed by anyone. A hunter would obliterate his prey with one. Let's really put some teeth into background checks.

Immigration reform is needed but while we are doing it, let's amend the Constitution so that babies born only of American citizens become citizens upon birth.

Lynn Merles

Costa Mesa

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