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Mailbag: It was wrong to print dead woman’s history

Re. “Woman found dead in Newport faced prostitution charges,” (March 17): In reading your article about the dead woman found on the beach, I have to question the professionalism of the Daily Pilot. What does her criminal past have to do with her death? Had this woman been arrested and convicted of passing bad checks instead of a single conviction for prostitution would she still have garnered a place on the front page?

Except for the fact that the police listed her death as “suspicious,” her criminal history has nothing to do with her untimely demise. Nor does her Vietnamese descent, which the article was quick to point out. Because of the Pilot’s sensational news reporting, this woman will always be known as “the dead Vietnamese hooker.” I bet her family and friends will remember her differently. How unfair.

Rob Macfarlane

Costa Mesa



Grammar gripe

Re. “A Word, Please: Would JFK and Stalin have agreed on Oxford comma?” (March 8): The Oxford comma. Really? It’s like a National Lampoon parody. Am I the only one who thinks this column is ridiculous?

Terry Johnston


Newport Beach


Thanks, good Samaritan

Dear honest and caring person,

Our vocabulary is not sufficient to describe the thanks we feel. Your finding and immediate return of the purse my wife had left at the Rite Aid drug store turned absolute despair into momentous joy. And, at 86 and 96, respectively, our despair, though rare, is very consuming. We know you must have places you feel deeply about and support, and we would be delighted to honor your action at the place or places you select. Please tell us who you are, stay well and accept our deepest gratitude.

Eleanor and Irving X. Burg

Corona del Mar

Editor’s note: The person who returned the purse can contact the Burg family at or (949) 675-7465.