Mailbag: It's time to protect our pets from coyotes

Re: "Commentary: Beware of Back Bay coyotes," March 15:

I too lost my beloved dog in November 2011. He just went out to get some water. I was just inside the kitchen and instantly, and without sound, my dog vanished. I searched for hours too and concluded a coyote took him.

I have written to the mayor of Newport Beach several times and to this paper, pleading that we come up with a plan to protect our children and family pets. It can be done and we can still maintain a respect for these wild animals. But because coyotes' natural enemy, wolves, are no longer here, and we have already played with the balance of nature, perhaps it is time to search for a solution to protect ourselves.

If the elephant population in cities in South Africa can be controlled, I believe we, in Newport Beach, can think of a similar plan to control the coyote population. Can't we consider such a discussion and soon?

Teri Kennady

Newport Beach


Put wild dogs down

It is not natural that coyotes should tolerate being near people. Such coyotes need to be destroyed. Relocation will not work, because these coyotes do not avoid people.

Growing up in the Hollywood Hills, when there were lots of empty hills, and living in Eastbluff when it was an island of development, I recall that it was rare to be aware of a coyote in the area. Now it happens about three times a year starting in early spring — timed to pup litters.

As long as society does not allow for destroying people-tolerant coyotes, we all must take extra care with pets and small children. Teach younger children to yell, wave arms and throw things if confronted, but don't run unless you feel sure you can elude the animal.

Dr. Roger M. Farel

Newport Beach


A Casagrande fan

The "A Word, Please" column, by June Casagrande, seems to be getting a lot of attention of late, including some reader comments that are not exactly flattering. June's column is very helpful, an in-vogue ongoing education to help us speak and write correctly. It's just a downright positive item.

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach


And another

One member of my four-person household and I enjoy the weekly grammar column by June Casagrande and gain insight and clarity from reading it.

This is, admittedly, a small sample size, but these numbers would put the column in the 50% favorable review range. I look forward to Casagrande identifying and pointing out the grammatical errors in my brief narrative.

Dr. Donald Williams

Newport Beach

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