Mailbag: Keep what school sites we have

My question is why are we so fast to relinquish school sites (LeBard in particular) to be used as developments for homes and school district headquarter monoliths?

It's all to appease developers, without thought of what should be the obvious. Am I missing something? Will these developments being built for "families" not require schools for their kids? Are we going to overburden existing schools with more kids who, in many cases, must travel to get there?

School sites need to be saved. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that, based on growing population, more school sites will be needed. So why not save the ones we have versus paying for them in later and trying to find a location for them?

So I guess the prudent approach is to get rid of school sites to raise revenues, then vanquish the revenues gained by having to build "and find" new school sites 10 years from now.

This also does not take into consideration the loss of open space for recreational activities for the surrounding community. What a sick management/business mindset the school districts and city are embarking on.

Drew Kovacs

Huntington Beach


No nanny-state bag ban needed

The residents of Huntington Beach do not need a nanny-state City Council to make economic decisions for them by banning plastic bags.

If the little bags are far more expensive then alternatives, they will self-eliminate.

And the argument does not get any better with "...cost transparency loss due to waste disposal supply chain linkage loss between original bag consumer and final waste disposal..."

Costs are costs.

The little plastic bags are not expensive to dispose of.

If and when the day comes that landfill becomes too expensive and no recycling efforts are sufficiently cheap to compete with the futuristic hypothetically too-expensive landfill, then people will stop using them. At that time they will be too expensive.

Until then, let the people run their own 'little plastic bag' lives as they please.

Leave us alone.

John Briscoe

Huntington Beach

John Briscoe is a trustee with the Ocean View School District.

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