Mailbag: Chef heard community 'loud and clear'

Re "Restaurant gives up foie gras fight," posted on April 19:

Sounds like Broadway by Amar's chef Amar Santana has heard the community loud and clear, whereas his conscience was mute.

We in Laguna will be keeping an eye on things to see what can be expected from someone who says, "No one has the right to tell people what to eat or not eat" and other pearls of wisdom such as, "Just because you're vegetarian, vegan or love animals, it doesn't mean your neighbor feels the same way." Indeed.

That over-weaning sense of entitlement fits a residency a bit north of Laguna but not this village.

Now we can all just wait and see what will show up next on the specials board: shark-fin soup or braised pangolin?

Pat Sommer

Laguna Beach


Earth Day, Kelpfest a boon to city

Laguna could really shine and promote downtown foot traffic for retailers by closing the small portion of Park Avenue behind the library once or twice a month for live music performances and activities like those last weekend.

Kelpfest and Earth Day brought many of our friends and neighbors out last Saturday to enjoy the music, sunshine and community.

I'm sure businesses benefited from the added tourism and local traffic as well.

Roger Kempler

Laguna Beach


Teamwork made Earth Day and Kelpfest happen

This year's Earth Day and Kelpfest event was another successful Laguna happening, thanks to all of the teamwork among the community in Laguna and beyond.

Transition Laguna skillfully organized music, food and helpful demonstrations of sustainable living while Kelpfest participants at Main Beach decorated a giant kelp forest surrounded by displays from school groups, community organizations, water districts, marine safety and even a beautiful mermaid.

Mobilizing talent, material and scarce funds takes time. Kelpfest began with Orange Coast College students producing large kelp banners as an effort to educate people through art to appreciate the magnitude of Laguna's incredible kelp forests. This artwork evolved into collaboration with Nancy Caruso and others who were restoring the kelp along the coast and a desire to put kelp forests into full public view with a creative art and education project. Groups like South Laguna Civic Association, Laguna Ocean Foundation, Get Inspired, Hobie Sports and countless volunteers and students launched the first Kelpfest in 2010. We owe a great debt to Laguna for nurturing and supporting this wonderful, colorful annual event.

Kelpfest this year celebrated the many contributions of our mermaids in preserving, protecting and restoring our incredible Laguna kelp forests. The city's first logo in 1927 featured a mermaid.

The Laguna Bluebelt "mermaids" were significant in gaining Laguna's Marine Protected Areas through their steadfast work with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Teaming up with local environmental watermen, they tirelessly attended meetings up and down the state testifying on behalf of our marine life and kelp forests. City Council's vote to support marine life protection convinced state commissioners that Laguna Beach has the vision and "can do" spirit to champion the recovery of kelp forests and sea life.

Earth Day and Kelpfest allow us to contribute to a better world by our actions and teamwork here in Laguna.

Michael Beanan

Laguna Beach

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