Mailbag: Be observant of where you buy

It is pretty amazing that people buy houses in an internationally recognized vacation spot and then don't like tourists. I remember when the residents above Big Corona wanted to stop tourists from parking on the streets.

You folks live in a fabulous place, but the beach and access belongs to us all — not just you because you can afford to be there full-time.

Why is the smoke suddenly so bad? How long have those rings been there? They are not used all year, just a few months. You should live with it. You made the choice.

Sandra Kaszynski

Costa Mesa


AQMD on fire rings

When representatives make a mockery of the civic process (anger and belligerence over the process of public input), it is time for the Orange County Board of Supervisors to appoint new members. Perhaps if their job is too wearisome, the Board of Supervisors might appoint other members who are willing to carry out the duties in good faith.

R. G. Thong

Fountain Valley


Piece on Boston

Re. "Specter of Boston hangs over us," May 1:

Wow, I was holding my breath, reading, and didn't realize it. Kudos for an exceptional job capturing a feeling identifiable by those of us on the outside.

Marilyn Jensen

Newport Beach


New civic center

In the discussion of dock fees, the ongoing use of the term Taj Mahal to describe City Hall strike me as inappropriate. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Considering the civic origins of City Hall Versailles, constructed by Louis the XIV for his court, might be a better proxy for city hall, if one is needed at all.

Laura Curran

Newport Beach


Foie gras kerfuffle

Wow can't you even eat duck liver, really? PETA and the ACLU should both take a hike.

Marc Becker



Council oversight

Since the City Council is in the committee-creation mode, perhaps formation of a Costa Mesa City Council Oversight Committee could be an extremely valuable form of surveillance. This might, at least, give the perception of quality of life for our city — giving proper priority and accountability to the people. Far too many closed sessions, with far too little adult supervision.

James H. Bridges

Costa Mesa

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