Newport Civic Center costs are an outrage

Re. "Mailbag: Newport is overspending on Civic Center" (June 15):

Thank you, Juli Hayden, for your comments regarding the outrageous cost of building the new Newport Beach Civic Center.

There must be more of us who are appalled by the excessive use of public funds to build this monstrosity. Everything from the fluorescent green parking structure, alien-like lights, hideous "landscaping," ridiculous bridge/elevator (built so people wouldn't have to be inconvenienced by using the street crosswalk) and those creepy bunnies is such a tragic replacement of the natural habitat that once existed there.

We will all be paying for this for decades to come.

Angela Mains

Newport Coast


Hoag is private

Re. "Abortion protest at Hoag," June 21:

The leftists use 100 elective abortions per year to further their elitist, leftist agenda. Hoag Hospital is a private institution, Catholic-influenced and will be swayed by these political thugs. Anytime there is opposing opinion or policy, these women cry foul.

Denis Montenaro

Laguna Niguel

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