Commentary: Choice? Not for the aborted babies

As I read all the letters regarding Hoag Hospital's ethical and moral decision to terminate elective abortions, instead of our children, I believe it is time for some truth.

It is a scientific, biological, medical and spiritual truth that every abortion kills a living child. As rivers of innocent blood flow through our streets, I wonder how can it be.

No phantom right to privacy should prevail over the inalienable right to life. Pro-choice means only that the mother has a choice, not the father and not the grandparents, and, incredibly, not the child. Two people enter an abortion clinic, but only one comes out. One is forever dead, the other forever damaged.

We need to stop tolerating the intolerable and start defending the defenseless. How sad that the most dangerous place in America for a child is in her mother's womb.

If that child were born and then thrown in a dumpster, we would all be outraged. But if she is pre-born, go ahead and kill her. We should quit discriminating against our children based solely on the place of residence, their mother's womb.

Abortion remains the greatest social injustice of all time. Every day in America, more than 3,000 babies are denied justice and executed with no judge, no jury and no trial. Ending abortion is the civil rights movement of our generation.

In this country we have a history of defining out of existence people who are are in our way. First, it was the African American, because we desired his labor. Then it was the Native American, because we craved his land, Now, it is our children.

As fellow human beings, we need to promote a culture of life and be a voice for the voiceless and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse!

TERRY MCDERMOTT lives in Irvine.

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