Mailbag: Costa Mesa is great for small businesses

The purpose of this letter is to describe our excitement and reasoning for choosing the city of Costa Mesa as the location to open our new chiropractic practice.

Both doctors in our office graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. Not being from here, it was important for us to find a city that aligns with our mission and standards, and we believe we have found just the place.

Costa Mesa is a connected, unique city that brings much to offer the members of its community. From the athletes of Orange Coast Community College, to the athletes on the multiple golf courses, all the way to the grandparents chasing after their grandchildren, Costa Mesa has an extremely active population that we are glad to have the opportunity and potential to serve.

Our mission is to help our community stay active doing the things they love to do, without pain, as long as possible. Whether that activity is taking the weekend ride on the bike, staying active with family, or elite athletic competition, we work with active individuals of all levels, types and ages.

We believe in community and small business, and this city is full of unique, mom-and-pop shops that demonstrate the same community support that we want to be involved in. We look forward to contributing as much as we can and serving as a resource to the people of this great community.

Cody A. Dimak, DC, CPT

MaryAnne M. Harrington DC, ART

Maximum Performance Chiropractic

Costa Mesa

New Civic Center

Re. "Mailbag: Newport is overspending on Civic Center (Mailbag, June 15)" Thank you, Juli Hayden, for your comments regarding the outrageous expense used to build the new Newport Beach civic center. There must be more of us who are appalled by the excessive use of public funds to build this monstrosity. Everything, from the fluorescent green parking structure, the alien-like lights, the hideous "landscaping", the ridiculous bridge/elevator (built so people wouldn't have to be inconvenienced by using the street crosswalk) and those creepy bunnies, is such a tragic replacement of the natural habitat that once existed there. We will all be paying for this for decades to come.

Angela Mains

Newport Coast.

Chang of heart on rings

Thank you again, Councilwoman Leslie Daigle (Newport Beach really owes you the title mayor) for seeing through the elitist smoke cloud, popular or not. I always knew you had heart for the beach and recognize what the others see in our city. My hat's off to you for now standing on the ground that the fire rings can stay and need some effective methods of use and control. Nobody wants more enforcement or a ton of rules either.

Randy Seton

Newport Beach

Hoag is private

Re. the Hoag protest by the leftists. They use 100 elective abortions per year to further their elitist, leftist agenda. Hoag is a private institution, Catholic-influenced and will be swayed by these political thugs. Anytime there is opposing opinion or policy, these women cry foul.

Denis Montenaro

Laguna Niguel

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