Commentary: Hoag is free to make its own choice on abortion

Once again the pro-abortion contingent (pro-choice is far too gentile) is using the religion card as a toll to discount Hoag Hospital's decision on elective abortions.

They accuse the Hoag board of conspiring in a "covert" manner regarding their new association with St. Joseph Health and the decision to cease elective abortions at the hospital. The insinuation is that the Catholic factor was the perpetrator.

How dare they decide to inhibit a women's right to reproductive health care! What irony. Last time I checked, an abortion was anything but reproductive. I believe it's counter-productive, like death!

Another taste of irony, or maybe true hypocrisy, is the accusation that Hoag should not have made that choice without communicating to abortion rights advocates and their liberal cohorts.

So, pro-abortion advocates want the right to choose regarding their right to have an abortion, but a private institution is not allowed to not provide it? The premise of their whole group was founded on choice! What am I missing?

The last time I checked private corporate bylaws, a private institution can do as it pleases. That seems to be under attack not only by the pro-abortion troops but by the federal government. The intrusion of the government is on a roll, the Department of Health and Human Services mandate requiring any religious institutions to provide contraception is but one of many. So much for freedom of choice.

The pro-abortion side knows that it is losing ground. National polls show increasing numbers turning to the sanctity of life side. This was vividly witnessed at the rally at Hoag on June 20. What was to be a protest of Hoag's decision to stop elective abortions turned into a celebration of life by an overwhelming number of supporters of the hospital compared with the pro-abortion protesters.

More and more people across the nation are turning from the travesty of the pro-abortion agenda. The health of the mother and baby is always paramount but the elective abortions at Hoag were not all of that circumstance.

The little known fact that Planned Parenthood never discloses is there are an equal number of those that want to adopt a baby as there are abortions (about 3,500 per day).

But you won't hear that from Planned Parenthood, which jeopardize its profits and the roughly $1 million a day it gets from the taxes we pay.

In the end we will be known as the culture of death where babies are an inconvenience and a "burden," as the president alluded if his daughters should get pregnant, or will we revere life as the precious creation it is?

Did our founders get it wrong when they declared all men are equal endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, the first of which is life, then liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

BILL DUNLAP lives in Newport Beach.

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