Mailbag: Stay alert to coyotes in Newport-Mesa

Exactly one year ago, our dog's life was brutally taken by a coyote.

Our next door neighbor, who saw the coyote as it jumped over our 8-foot wall, said she had not seen one of these predators in more than 20 years.

In disbelief, I surveyed almost 100 households in Costa Mesa, and I was shocked at the results.

Half of those surveyed had no idea coyotes were around and a threat to pets and children, and no one had made an effort to reach out to them — something that, if done just days prior, would have saved Lucky's life.

The other half had experienced the loss of a pet, either personally, or through a close friend or relative, yet they mostly kept quiet about it.

Efforts to educate the community about coyotes were sorely needed, so I launched the LuckyProject in 2012 so that my dog's death would not be in vain. I spread the word as much as I could.

However, warning people once rarely is effective, and after I approached them, several residents still had their pets taken.

I had previously taken my surveys and signatures for many residents to the City Council, in hopes that signs would be put up.

It wasn't until April 2013 that I received notice that the city, along with Animal Control, had begun the installation of close to 90 coyote warning signs throughout Costa Mesa with an emphasis on our parks.

Not all cities go this far to ensure the safety of their residents, regardless of property values or curb appeal, and I am very grateful for our local government.

Christy Roget

Costa Mesa


Sisters respect women

St. Joseph Health System, with which Hoag Hospital is affiliated, is run by the Sisters of St. Joseph, an order of nuns based in U.S. since 1847 and in Orange County since 1912.

They have provided hospital and healthcare and run schools throughout Orange County. Additionally, they run Taller San Jose, a work skills program in Santa Ana.

At St. Joseph Health System, the Sisters, along with the board, develop hospital policy to support the mission of dignity, justice, excellence and service.

As anyone who went to a school run by Sisters of St. Joseph will tell you, they lead from the front. They do not wait for men to set mandates.

Leo Carroll

Newport Beach


San Onofre closing

Edison's decision to shutter San Onofre is long overdue. This is proof-positive common sense sometimes can prevail.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach

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