Mailbag: Please don't alter Fairview Park

Re. "Parking lot decision for Fairview Park postponed" (July 25): These new plans are horrible. I am a Costa Mesan and live two to three blocks away from Fairview Park.

The park should be looked at as a nature park or nature preserve. There is an animal that lives in a vernal pool there, which most people don't know about, that is endangered, and only lives there, and in San Diego. It is a federally protected animal, called the San Diego fairy shrimp. Urban sprawl has already caused coyotes to come up from the Santa Ana River, up Talbert Park, through Fairview Park, across Placentia Avenue to the golf course and into College Park's tract housing, killing our pets and attacking people.

Lighting at Fairview Park and nighttime activities there would cause even more danger from the coyotes. Costa Mesa already has Tewinkle Park, which has tons of baseball diamonds, a large playground and enough space for a seating area, and also has plenty of parking.

Why mess with Fairview Park? I don't think enough Costa Mesans know about these plans. Even the people who frequent Fairview Park don't know about this. There is little awareness.

James Hambly

Costa Mesa


Stop Mansoor's 'robo-calls'

Assemblyman Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mesa) has been harassing Newport Beach City Council members about the fire rings issue — crank calling them with "robo calls" to their homes and businesses at all hours of the day and night.

The calls are difficult-to-follow rants about the fire rings, but between the poor audio quality and marginally coherent content, it is hard to tell what Mansoor is trying to say. Although these painful calls do indicate that he is very passionate about his position, such as it is.

Mansoor's crank calls to council members' homes and businesses included a 2 a.m. call to Newport Councilwoman Nancy Gardner to give her a recorded piece of his mind on the issue. After she outed him at the Corona del Mar Residents Assn. meeting, Mansoor said the call was an "accident."

Not unlike former Rep. Anthony Weiner, Mansoor gets busted, tries to explain it away, then does it again.

Assemblyman Mansoor, the city is willing to discuss fire rings and any other issue with you at any time, but if you could find a time in your schedule other than 2 a.m., we would be most grateful.

Councilwoman Leslie Daigle

Newport Beach

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