Mailbag: Withdrawing support for Hoag

I have notified the Hoag Hospital Foundation to remove my name from its donor list and any on my future donations will instead be directed to Planned Parenthood.

Diana Walker

Costa Mesa

Customers pay sales taxes

Re. Commentary: "Don't burden C.M. businesses with higher fees," (Aug. 2): The commentary from Planning Commissioner Colin McCarthy praising South Coast Plaza and the larger department stores had some valid points, but his "facts" really surprised me! Mr. McCarthy noted that Nordstrom is in the top 25 sales-tax generators.

Apparently, he does not realize that South Coast Plaza businesses, as with any business, do not pay those sales taxes with their own money. You and I are paying the sales taxes so we are doing a fantastic job of supporting the city of Costa Mesa.

Mr. McCarthy, there are certain expenses to doing business in any city. Let's look at profits these companies are making and then determine if paying a little more in business tax would actually force them to move from Costa Mesa. I think not!

Susan Shaw

Costa Mesa

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