Mailbag: Keep N.B. trash collection in-house

Re. "Commentary: Outsourcing trash collection would save $17MI read the commentary by Mayor Keith Curry and Councilman Michael Henn Sunday morning and feel compelled to vehemently disagree with their views.

Newport Beach spends money on frivolous "pet projects" with an abandon that defies belief, i.e. an estimated $75,000 for the study of airport flight paths, which information was freely available from local pilots.

The proposal to hire an expensive executive-recruiting firm to help with the process of hiring a new library services director when the city has a competent human resources department, and even without them, not resorting to modern day ways — the Internet, which last time I checked didn't cost anything.

And, as you well know, the list goes on.

As a 40-year resident of Corona del Mar, I have seen the exceptional job these dedicated city trash pickup people do. You, yourselves, in your commentary mention that, "Unlike some places, we appreciate the great service of our employees and we are proud of the work that the do."

Why then, gentlemen, are you even considering "outsourcing" this job to save $2.7 million a year. Most Newport Beachers don't know what our city budget is, but I would bet you could save that much with a few strokes if the pen.

Please reconsider this position.


Margaret Torley


Get facts on climate change

It is really sad that we continue to hear about man-made global warming. I refer the editor to the latest facts about our "shrinking" ice caps. They have grown a whopping 60% in one year! I don't believe you will publish this since climate change is political and actual facts mean nothing.

The report on global warming being issued by the United Nations has been delayed because of this new evidence of 920,000 square miles of additional ice in the area reaching from Canada to Russia.

Where are the reporters of yesteryear who ferret out these things and speak truth to power? When power is in the hands of their chosen group they are mum.

Donna G. Loren

Newport Coast

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