Mailbag: Expand automated trash service in Newport

I have lived in the Newport Coast area of Newport Beach for more than 20 years. As an area resident, I have enjoyed the automated trash pickup the entire time. I also have experienced the manual trash pickup that Corona del Mar utilizes.

There is a marked difference between the two systems. With the automated trash pickup, the streets before and after pickup are cleaner. I happen to like the larger cans, though small ones that are much lighter are available.

With the larger cans, residents are less likely to overfill them, and animals have a tougher time getting into them. Additionally, it is more eye-pleasing to look down the streets on trash day and see the uniformity of the cans.

In Corona del Mar, the cans are smaller and of varying sizes, shapes and colors. And often they overflow. Because the operators of the automated trucks are not lifting heavy cans, this process offers a degree of safety to the workers and the residents.

In my area, we have enjoyed the service of an extremely friendly provider (CR&R;) for several years. On trash day, the hauler arrives in the morning to pick up the trash, and in the afternoon we see him again picking up the cans for recycling. He goes out of his way to give us a smile and help us with our extra trash, and he doesn't hesitate to jump out of his truck.

I want the City Council to expand the automated service to all of Newport Beach. The whole city should reap the benefits that my family and neighbors have enjoyed.

Dan Wampole

Newport Coast

The writer is the president of the Newport Coast Homeowners Assn.


Outsource Newport police

If the motivation of the Newport Beach city administration is to cut expenditures by farming out trash collection, much more money could be saved by farming out policing to the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Larry Kirschenbaum

Newport Beach


Killing echoes city's homeless problem

I read with great sadness about the death of a worker on Hamilton Street, allegedly at the hands of a homeless individual. As I drive around Costa Mesa, I see homeless encampments and observe fights and arguments.

Recently, the city adopted a "mommy" policy of trying to deal with the homeless. While most homeless people are not violent, I have seen countless situations involving violence and theft of property.

When is Costa Mesa going to realize that a charitable-hand policy is never going to work? These people trash our parks and bus stops and intimidate law-abiding citizens. I have seen a few of our parks turned into encampments.

Sorry, but in my opinion, Costa Mesa needs to return to an aggressive, law-enforcement-oriented approach to direct the homeless to services and facilities that offer help. If they refuse, we should enforce the law stringently, making Costa Mesa an unwanted place to camp out. I'm tired of all this.

Jim Hall

Costa Mesa

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