Mailbag: Nice to read about positive change

I took my time reading the Sept. 19 Independent, savoring its flavor.

Many articles related to what I see as positive changes taking place in Huntington Beach. A big salute and giant thank you to Mayor Connie Boardman and the City Council for the vote to stop the reign of terror from the two-year trial fireworks ban.

Former Mayor Don Hansen had opened the flood gates of power and greed and tried even to shove it down our throats after only one year. Many of us came forward at that meeting and challenged him; it was a close call.

To quote Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

This also leads me to the first meeting of the Huntington Beach task force. I am proud of these people who have come together as a community "to establish a culture of responsibility and accountability," to quote J.D. Shafer, task force member and general manager of the Waterfront Hilton.

Then I read a story about the city actually listening and reaching out to try to help the seniors keep their senior mobile home parks.

There were many other touching stories that I enjoyed and savored, balancing out the many negatives that one can become absorbed by.

Pam Vallot

Huntington Beach

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