Commentary: I apologize for my error but stand by my call for action

Re. "Commentary: 60th party benefited council's political allies:" In a commentary related to Orange County Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh and the city of Costa Mesa's 60th birthday party, I made an assertion that city Public Affairs Director Dan Joyce was a board member at the OC Marathon.

This was an error on my part. I thought that I had confirmed this point sufficiently but I was wrong. I want to extend an apology to Joyce for making this unacceptable error.

But it is my opinion that hiring methods now used by the city for some hiring will not prevent favoritism or cronyism in local government. It is my opinion that the push for the charter is just an attempt to dip deeper into the taxpayer's pocket. It is my opinion that the oversight on the 60th birthday was inadequate and that we still do not have the full details of where the money went. I stand by my call to action.

CLAY EPPERSON is a retired Costa Mesa police lieutenant.

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