Letters From the Editor: Who do you want to see on DP 103?

It's time to let us know who you think should be on the DP 103 — the Daily Pilot's annual list of newsmakers.

2013's installment is set to run Dec. 26. The DP 103 is an odd, end-of-year tradition and not just because of its number. The inventory of who made headlines aims to be equal parts serious and silly.

It's not just a list of heroes and do-gooders. It's built on the backs of people who make headlines — for reasons good, bad and in between. It affirms and angers, delights and disappoints.

Sure, there are the expected: politicians, city managers, police chiefs, business types, community activists, philanthropists and the local media. But there are often unexpected selections: a criminal or two, maybe a marine mammal.

The only real criteria is that the person made an impact — for good or bad.

There are themes. Last year we took time to honor Newport-Mesa Olympians who competed in the Summer Games. The year before that we tipped our hats to religious, charitable and athletic leaders. We have another group in mind for this year.

Holding office does not warrant inclusion on the DP 103. We could fill up many of the spots with just the names of public officials. We try to pick officials who used their positions to make news, inspire debate and make meaningful changes.

As always, we'd really like reader input. Please post your picks below this column online or, if you prefer to keep your choices confidential, email me.

Our team will comb through the submissions and develop the official DP 103. The list will never be all-inclusive — more than 103 folks make news — but we always give serious consideration to reader picks.

The DP 103 is steeped in tradition. That means we'll probably put a power broker at No. 1 and someone — or something — silly at 103. We'll list names you know — and don't. And, with certainty, we'll forget names we should have remembered (the DP 103 is approaching middle age, after all).

We don't include institutions, boards or government bodies as a whole, but we do, of course, list the folks who comprise them. So, please, only nominate people — not, for example, an entire board of directors or every member of a city commission.

I can't wait to read your submissions. Look for them the day after Christmas.

JOHN CANALIS is the editor for the Daily Pilot, Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot and Huntington Beach Independent. He can be reached at (714) 966-4607 and john.canalis@latimes.com.

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