Mailbag: Why did Pilot highlight H.B. player on Page 1?

Re. "Sailors run over by Ross," (Dec. 8): You must have had several photos from Saturday's CIF Championship, so why choose one that would lead the reader to assume that Garrett Hall was run over by Kai Ross?

The Daily Pilot is the hometown newspaper for Newport Harbor High School, so I would think the editors wouldn't want to show the local team failing more than the Huntington Beach Oilers succeeding.

Yes, Kai had an incredible game, is a great high school football player and should be spotlighted in the article, but the newspaper didn't have to make it appear as if Garrett missed the tackle.

Tim Cromwell

Costa Mesa


Raise reward for trail work

Re. "City OKs contract to repair Fairview trail," (Dec. 5): Why should Costa Mesa taxpayers pay $14,000 to correct what was done without permission?

This is not right. Do you mean to tell me no one knew the trail was being built? Was it completed during the night? Even then, someone would be aware that something was taking place.

I agree with Dan Goldmann ["Mailbag: City should offer a reward leading to trail creator," Dec. 5]. Offer a reward of $1,000 for information leading to the culprit. Some members of the City Council keep saying we are broke, and an offer like that might help us save thousands of dollars and prevent more unpermitted projects.

Ardy Hurst

Costa Mesa


Toll lanes would be unfair, unhelpful

Re. "Commentary: Cities must stand strong against toll lanes," [Dec. 6]: Southern California will never have congestion relief unless more general-use freeway lanes are built, such as those recommended in the Orange County Transportation Authority's Alternative 2 for widening the 405 Freeway.

The high-occupancy vehicle, or HOV, lanes are now being designated as multiuse by the small minority of social engineers who are pushing for solo driving in the carpool lanes, probably because the "Lexus Lane" designation was so repugnant to those of us who don't want to see wealthy solo drivers whizzing by while we remain stuck in traffic.

We Californians have bought and paid for our freeways and they should be kept free. If another toll-lane company wants to build and operate a toll facility, let it do so with private funds, not OCTA or other tax dollars.

M. Miceli

Newport Beach

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