Mailbag: Thank you for piece on CdM's 'Cool Hand Luke'

Re. "CdM's Cool Hand Luke," (Dec. 6): Thank you so much for the time and effort you spent to make the article about Luke special. It captured the essence of a young man who truly overcame obstacles that arise in many people's lives. Because of that, his story truly resonated with many people in the community who have known Luke since childhood — as well as those that have had to deal with similar issues.

Luke has always been a kid who has let his body do the talking and is truly one of the nicest human beings I have known in my life. He's got a moral compass and a high degree of integrity that sets him apart from the pack. Although blessed with incredible physical abilities, he also has an emotional maturity that makes him selfless and the consummate team player. In a world of sound bites and self-promotion, this is truly a rare commodity.

Luke and the team are led by an outstanding coaching staff. They have many of the same qualities that I've described above. In addition to being amazing, caring people, they possess outstanding coaching skills, temperament and knowledge to translate to the field of play. This environment has been a catalyst for Luke in his evolution and has allowed the team to flourish and propel CdM's football program to a new height.

Now that Luke and the CdM team earned an unprecedented third CIF title, it's time to see if they can bring home a state championship — one play at a time.

If life is about accepting, learning from and persevering through the "speed bumps" and obstacles that are put in front of us, and humbly accepting the success of one's efforts, then I have no doubt that Luke and his teammates are well-equipped to take on their next challenge and come out better for it, no matter what the final score/outcome.

Thanks again for your fine work and giving all a touching snapshot of Luke.

Augie Napolitano

Newport Beach

The writer is Luke Napolitano's father.


Why the consent calendar?

The City Council agenda's consent calendar consists (under normal circumstances) of routine, non-controversial matters, all of which are passed in a single motion. But on Dec. 3 and 4, the most controversial item of the year — limiting public participation in council meetings — was placed on the consent calendar. And under the new procedure, any item pulled from the consent calendar is heard at the end of the meeting.

The mayor insisted on following the new procedure before it was voted on, so the vote itself, when it finally took place after midnight, was essentially moot. By 1 a.m., when public comments began, few persons remained to exercise their right to speak and to petition their government for redress of grievance, as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. In this manner, citizens' rights were trampled and public debate was stifled.

Eleanor Egan

Costa Mesa

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