Mailbag: Thank you to Presbyterian Church

Each year when Santa comes into town and is greeted by many excited children, the Laguna Presbyterian Church welcomes La Playa Center, with a similar excitement and lets us use its kitchen to make our tamales.

We are thankful for their hospitality and for the community's response to our fund-raiser. It takes three days of shopping, cooking and assembling the tamales to come up with 1,000 to sell to all the patient souls who venture into the church's Tankersley Hall.

The line is usually long at 5 p.m. but we hope it moves faster each year — honestly we try.

We not only enjoy the compliments on the food but we also love to look out over the crowded tables.

As one of our teachers put it, "Two observations: What a blessing it was to greet at the door and talk to people who were coming back year after year! And likewise, to watch the enjoyment of strangers getting to know one another around the tables over tamales and hot chocolate was a little taste of heaven for me! Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and energy."

So, not only thank you to all of those who came to help, but thank you to the community who took part in eating and enjoying.

Sally Rapuano

Director of La Playa Center


Reward for bad behavior

After enduring all the Elizabeth Pearson politics over The Village Entrance in 2013, why does our City Council reward her with political affirmation and a promotion (to mayor) for 2014?

Wasn't the town majority position abundantly clear as exemplified by Let Laguna Vote?

This town council earns a case study in broken civics.

Les Miklosy

Laguna Beach

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