Commentary: Round trash cans provide more options in N.B.

The recent letter from the city manager to residents concerning the CR&R; trash pickup only mentions the use of the carts to be provided by CR&R; and not other trash containers.

During the presentation at the council chambers and other communications, it was emphasized that any form of trash container, including plastic refuse bags, would be acceptable. The letter to residents only references the use of trash bags as an overflow container when the capacity of one's cart is exceeded.

My garage, and that of many homes, is small and will not conveniently accept even the smallest of the provided trash carts and allow them to be wheeled out of the garage past the cars without first moving the cars.

Many households use smaller dimensioned, round trash cans that can be maneuvered. Additionally, many households use a disposable trash can liner each week to keep the can itself sanitary. It is my belief that the automated system will not remove the liner during the emptying processes.

When I questioned the city on this issue, I received the following reply:

"CR&R; will collect items left at the curb, such as bags. However, the ability to empty the current cans (the manual way of dumping the items out into the back of the truck), will not be possible with the new system. You can choose to still place the tied-up plastic bags for collection. Or if you want to give a small cart a try, you can line the cart with a large bag and then tie up the bag when you roll the cart out for collection. That way, the bag will empty out at the time of collection."

GERALD BRETTS lives in Corona del Mar.

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