Mailbag: Mesa Water has responded to drought

It's official. The governor has declared that the state is in a drought. He asks that every resident voluntarily reduce his or her water usage.

I have recognized that need and last fall called on residents in my district division to take advantage of free water audits by Mesa Water employees. A water audit can lower a customer's water bill and help with conservation efforts.

I urge all consumers to consider an audit to track, in detail, water usage in a home or business. Call Justin Finch, (949) 631-1200 at Mesa Water to arrange an appointment.

Jim Atkinson

Costa Mesa

The writer is a Mesa Water District director for Division 4.


The USS Orange County

Re. "Hats off to the USS Orange County," (Jan. 22): David C. Henley's article was very interesting, but I'd like to clarify the statement that the July 1953 armistice divided North and South Korea along the 38th parallel.

In fact, this was the boundary at the beginning of the war, and the armistice established a boundary that meanders north of the 38th in the east and south of the 38th in the west. This gave each side the land acquired during the war at the time of the armistice.

John Kincaid

Costa Mesa


Living, minimum wages redux 

Re. "Mailbag: Living, minimum wages are different matters," (Jan. 26): I appreciate the writer's kind words about the work being done by the Illumination Foundation.

My statements about the minimum wage were not meant to equate it with a living wage. The statistic about the minimum wage — that a minimum-wage earner must work 128 hours a week to afford a permanent one-bedroom apartment — is meant purely to emphasize the high cost of living in Orange County.

The statistic demonstrates that it is very difficult for many of our low-income workers to afford an apartment. Many of the clients we serve are minimum-wage workers. Our services focus on workforce development and financial literacy so that these workers can further their education, secure higher-paying jobs and better manage their finances. Thank you very much for making this important point.

At the Illumination Foundation, we are fortunate to have the support of many businesses in the form of financial contributions, volunteers and in-kind donations. We are grateful for that support.

Paul Leon

Founder and CEO, Illumination Foundation


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