Mailbag: Kudos to the Daily Pilot sports staff

I wanted to applaud the amazing sports staff at the Daily Pilot.

I have been an avid reader of the Los Angeles Times and the Pilot for more than 35 years and particularly enjoy the local high school sports coverage. As a longtime player, parent of athletes and fan of water polo, I never miss an article about my favorite sport.

Matt Szabo is an immense talent, a rising star. It has been great fun to see him improve as a journalist over the years as he throws himself into everything he covers and works to hone his skills.

Szabo consistently finds unique and interesting ways to cover the athletes and games that go well beyond a simple recap of the event. It is clear through his work that he loves what he does and takes pride in his craft.

With journalists like Szabo on the staff, The Times and Pilot will continue to earn my business and dedicated loyalty. He even gets me interested in reading about high school tennis.

Matt McLaren

Newport Beach


CdM cheating scandal

As the mother of two Newport Harbor High School graduates and the grandmother of one student currently attending, it is appalling to me that the Newport-Mesa school board would reward these alleged hackers with a transfer there under the guise of a stipulated expulsion.

Keeping their grade point averages, being allowed to take AP classes, continuing to participate in sports and hang out with friends — that's punishment? They should be given F grades for the classes they allegedly cheated in and sent to continuation school to retake them.

Nora Lehman

Newport Beach


Common Core problems

Common Core is the worst program that any school could implement. This kind of teaching will leave our children behind in the global economy and dumb down education.

Since Washington politicians started running our schools, our kids' test scores have decreased and the costs have exploded for taxpayers. This top-down, bureaucratic takeover of our local schools must be stopped.

Carmen Hickman

Huntington Beach

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