Mailbag: Broadway planters are a dangerous addition

On Feb. 1, I saw more than half a dozen young people grinding their skateboards on a concrete planter located in the center of Broadway at its east end. The new streetscape has not made Broadway safer for kids but more dangerous.

Barbara J. Beck

Costa Mesa


Reforms hurt Costa Mesa

In the 61st year of this city, the last thing we want to hear is that the massive quantity of violations from the poorly managed 60th anniversary party are "apparent," or "potential," or somehow that reforms are now needed. We've had three long years of reforms, devastating and negative ones that have crippled this city. The evidence is in, beyond any reasonable doubt.

Greg Thunnell

Costa Mesa


A drive down to Laguna

My father was visiting me from Texas for the first time since I moved to California.

I decided to drive down Laguna Canyon Road to show him the artists' areas, such as the Sawdust Art Festival and Pageant of the Masters.

His comment, as we were near the proposed artist live-work site was, "It's a dump."

He pointed out the many ugly buildings, old unkempt houses and undeveloped, abandoned-looking properties along the road.

Laguna Canyon Road is home to a lot of eyesores, and it's time to add fresh, new and well-thought-out buildings along the road to the village. The artists' work-live buildings will be beautiful.

We will be proud to point out the site to visitors and brag about how artists live and work there as a community. The size and scale do fit the area, on the two parcels of land zoned for this type of structure. The design and landscaping will be good for the community.

It's time to support a development that will enhance the area, that is beautiful and functional and works for the community of artists and for Laguna Beach.

Stacy Santiesteban

Newport Beach

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