Mailbag: Restorative justice will lead to conversations like this

One side of a telephone conversation overheard in an office at some time in the future:

Good morning, boss.

Well, yes, I did hack into the company computer and change my client's brokerage statements.

Yes, I did trade on inside information that I got off the company computer.


I'm a very high achiever, and I was under tremendous pressure.

Yes, I understand that everyone in the company is under tremendous pressure.

Can't we treat this as a teachable moment?

No? Have you heard of restorative justice?

You haven't?

It works like this: I take responsibility for my wrongdoings, and you close my employment files and transfer me from the Newport Center office to the Westcliff office.

Yes, really. Oh, and did I mention that I will get my family to agree not to sue you?

It's called restorative justice. We learned about it in high school.

No, I'm not kidding.

I'm fired? What about restorative justice and me taking responsibility for my wrongdoings?

Really? Did I mention that this will help me to understand the reason for my actions?

I can't clear out my desk that fast.


Boss? Boss? Boss?

Jim Netzer

Costa Mesa


Student punishment was too mild

The Newport Mesa School Board has voted to expel the Corona del Mar High School students who are believed to have cheated. All of the parents I've spoken to agree with the basic expulsion decision but felt it was much too lenient.

They wondered why there was no mention, at least not publicly, of failing these students in the affected classes. They also felt that the students should be required to contribute a high number of community service hours, including tutoring students who need academic assistance but cannot afford a tutor.

Martie O'Meara

Costa Mesa


District should have funded officers

If Costa Mesa was unable to provide school resource officers because of budget constraints, the district should have stepped up to the plate and temporarily funded two SROs, other trained school safety personnel or private security guards to ensure that the students enjoy the same level of security provided to other campuses in the district.

Kent Moore

Corona del Mar


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