Mailbag: Turn off field lights by 8 p.m.

I read with interest "Neighbors complain about field use," (Feb. 14).

Residents of the Monticello and Newport Landing homes in Costa Mesa complain about the noise and lights from the Vanguard University sports complex continuing daily until 10 p.m. I agree that lights and noise until 10 p.m. is unreasonable and would hope that the residents and Vanguard University have a responsible, respectful conversation leading to a resolution.

The use of lights at sports fields is expected, but I think such lighting should be shut off no later than 8 p.m.

I would expect city officials to work with neighbors and support a time limit for the lights and the use of updated technology to ensure that the light is directed onto the fields and not into homes.

I would also expect neighbors to support our children participating in sports and accept lighting, within the time limit, at the fields near their homes.

Margaret Mooney

Costa Mesa


Spirit of Scouting was captured

I was delighted by the humor and keen eye of the reporter and photographer who saw the real story of the Girl Scouts ("Building a solid future," Feb. 11).

The picture of the two adorable little girls brought back great memories of my youth, and of the Girl Scouts and the friendships I have maintained through the years. The Girl Scouts' joy and love was captured.

Linda Mitchell



School board appointment unfair

Members of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District board voted to allow themselves to appoint a new member to fill David Brooks' position until the November 2014 election ("School board votes to appoint new member," Jan. 30).

This decision does not sufficiently represent the opinions of Area 1 residents. Whoever is appointed has the incumbent's advantage in the next election, because the very high cost of campaigning limits the number of possible opposing candidates.

In order to have a broader representation of residents deciding whom to appoint to the vacant seat, I think that the deciding group should be composed of a Newport-Mesa union representative, two to three board members, two or three Costa Mesa City Council members and two or three Area 1 members at-large. At least that would make the appointment more representative of the area involved.

Martie O'Meara

Costa Mesa

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