Public service announcement: Newport-Mesa names Vicki Snell to the school board

Following a public interview process on March 4, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District selected Vicki Snell to replace David Brooks as the representative for Trustee Area 1.

The board of education had previously announced the resignation of Brooks from the board of education, effective March 11. This deferred resignation was filed with the county superintendent of schools on Jan. 17.

Snell was seated at the March 11 board meeting and administered the oath of office. Snell's provisional appointment is effective through Dec. 5.

Unless a petition calling for a special election pursuant to Education Code 5091 is filed in the office of the county superintendent within 30 days of the provisional appointment, the appointment of Snell shall become an effective appointment.

The provisional appointment shall be effective until the next regularly scheduled board of education election, Nov. 4. At such election, a permanent representative for Trustee Area 1 will be selected, and he or she will be installed for the remainder of the term through the November 2016 board election.

LAURA BOSS is director of district communications for the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

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