Mailbag: The city is making the Westside better

Looks like the pre-election positioning is in full swing. Despite Mr. James Bridges' comments ("Commentary: Westside projects cater to the Yuppie types," March 26) on the housing improvements on the Westside, the eclectic nature of the Westside has never been more apparent or more supported by our leaders.

While I am not sure if Mr. Bridges considers the crime, destruction of our children's access to the parks, our inability to allow our families to walk down the streets without concern for their safety "eclectic," I do not. As a Westside resident of 20 years, I think the "Yuppie" nature of the improvements bodes well for our future.

The term Yuppie, after all means, Young, Upwardly Mobile Professional people. Mr. Bridges' negative reference of the term identifies him with some of the old guard of Costa Mesa — the same political influence that considered "improvement" a term used only in connection with the more-affluent areas of our fair town. The same group that believes the term "affordable housing" is code for more slums on the Westside.

Storage lockers blocking the ocean views are not eclectic. Golf courses bordered by blighted, poorly maintained housing is not eclectic. Dimly lit streets are not eclectic. Rotting junk yards are not eclectic.

The addition of another social element to our city (Yuppies) is, in fact, that same eclectic movement you have so loudly championed.

My glass has gone from half empty to half full.

Allow those of us who believe a "rising tide floats all ships" to take some comfort in these changes; after all, they are long overdue.

Mike Berry

Costa Mesa


New trash program belongs in the dump

After 23 years of seamless service, and despite the fact that many, many residents opposed it, the Newport Beach City Council has managed to dump something that wasn't garbage. When this item first came up on the council's agenda, I was busy caring for my dying husband, so I didn't have the time or energy to help fight this change. And, oh, what a price I am going to pay for that.

On a recent night, I wheeled out a large item to the curb, knowing the hardworking Wednesday crew would do what they do — seamlessly, with nothing needed from me but to put it at the curb. Then I get my mail. Starting Tuesday, if I want to have a large item picked up, I will have to call it in. But to call it in, I will have to find the phone number. And then work through the phone tree to get to a human. And then I have to give them a description of the item.

How is that improving service to me? How is that making my life easier?

I want to say thank you so very much, Newport Beach City Council, for making my life more complicated and more stressful by "improving" city services. And I want to say I'm sorry to my fellow citizens for failing us all by not being available to fight this.

Garbage in, but will there be garbage out.

Vicki Bowers

Newport Beach

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