Mailbag: Memorial bench was perfect addition

My husband and I walk the beach path in Huntington Beach often and were pleasantly surprised recently to see workmen installing a new bench.

The donation that was endowed by Norman L. Mayer was a welcoming site at a spot on the walk where the path splits and goes up a slight incline. We always thought that would be a great respite but could never find a seat nearby.

Since it is a good halfway spot for us, we believe we were the first to test the bench out. Of course we immediately looked online to get all the particulars about the generous donor.

I am so glad that after serving on the Planning Commission and having lived in Huntington Beach for 33 years, he decided to leave a lasting legacy. Kudos to Mayer and to the city for complying with his wishes.

Sherry Marger

Huntington Beach


Why can't H.B. clean up its act?

The violent incidents in Huntington Beach, in particular the stabbing Sunday of three Marines, just underscores why my family completely avoids the downtown area.

Let's be real. The scene here is turning into a war zone akin to problems of many inland cities in Orange County.

Regrettably, as a 20-year denizen, I refuse to go downtown and will not take friends or out-of-town visitors there because of these kinds of incidents. It is a sorry testament and paradox when our leaders spend so much time and our money to market the city, yet this kind of bull feathers seems to grow.

I really feel for the downtown residents. What was once a quaint beachside community has turned into a Myrtle Beach, S.C., with the social distortion of inner-city L.A. Why is it that our neighboring beach cities don't have this plight?

Drew Kovacs

Huntington Beach

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