From the Boathouse: A cooler week on the water


You will notice a little change in our weather for boating and outdoor activities this weekend from the summertime-like heat wave we experienced at the beginning of the week. The air temperatures along the coastline could reach the lower 70s, but most likely, the thermometers will dip into the mid- to high 60s.

The skies will be partly sunny in the afternoons with the cloud cover increasing in the evenings. This will keep in the heat for nighttime temperatures in the mid-50s. The conditions are just right for patchy morning fog along the coast, so early-morning boaters such as fishermen who are leaving their slips will need to be aware.

Boaters cruising on the Pacific Ocean will find daytime air temperatures in the low 60s, so bring jackets, especially extra ones for guests who may be unfamiliar with temperature swings while boating. I predict that the seas will remain relatively flat — or, as sometimes described, like a bathtub.

You can expect a small swell from the west-northwesterly direction at one to two feet throughout the weekend. A southerly swell will be running up the coast at only two feet, but these small mixed swells will not create much of the washing-machine effect.

The winds will continue to be light in the mornings for sailing, reaching only up to 10 knots in the afternoons. Only one-foot to maybe two-foot wind waves will be on top. However, you should have a dry ride in the ocean.

The swells at Point Conception are going to be small, under four feet from the west-northwest with a small two-foot south swell. The winds will be gusting under 20 knots in the afternoons with probably three-foot wind waves.

This is a good weather window for rounding the point, especially uphill (northbound). Boaters who are waiting to shift their boat around the point should take this opportunity.

As always, keep an eye out for weather changes.

Wondering where to sail this weekend for an adventure? Well, it might be a little far and you will be going up the coast, thus rounding Point Conception with a weather window as mentioned earlier. However, the 19th annual Strictly Sail Pacific is at the Jack London Square in Oakland, and this show is almost a must for the rag-boat sailor.

Keep in mind that this show is only for sailboats, no powerboats allowed. However, you can see the latest innovations in equipment, boat design and attire — you have to look good while sailing.

Additionally, you'll have access to

more than 100 seminars, free sailboat rides and ample experts and book authors to chat to about any sailing topic. For more information, the Strictly Sail Pacific's website is

Tip of the week is that tax day is Tuesday, and boat owners can qualify for federal tax deductions if they pay interest on a boat loan or pay sales tax. You can use the second-home mortgage interest deduction if your boat's loan is secured and the vessel has living accommodations such as a galley capable of preparing meals, a toilet and sleeping quarters.

Second-home qualification makes sense, since many larger boats are known in harbors as weekend condos because the owners spend their weekends aboard, similar to owning a second home in the mountains or desert.

You need to determine if your boat qualifies for the deduction. Talk to your accountant or tax preparer, and remember that your loan company might not send you Form 1098.

Please be boat smart and boat safe. Lastly, please boat responsibly and look behind you before you turn the wheel at the helm.

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Safe voyages!

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