Commentary: Political correctness is weakening America

Abraham Lincoln presciently warned that America's greatest enemies lived within her own borders, not in some foreign land.

Time has proven him correct. Islamic Jihadists and Taliban insurgents may well be her mortal enemies, but they are not as dangerous to her survival as homegrown liberal politicians and leftist radicals.

Political correctness is a weapon of mass destruction. Basic rights that are protected by Constitutional guarantees are no match for its destructive power. The ability to freely express our beliefs and thoughts, to support causes and institutions sympathetic to our moral values and to refuse those that do not the right to have the means with which to defend our loved ones and ourselves and the right to criticize the laws and institutions that conflict with our beliefs are being questioned and incrementally eroded.

This was the basic intent of Hitler's Final Solution, Mao's Cultural Revolution and Stalin's Gulag. That it also is the direction the country has been moving since the '60s must not escape our notice. More ominously, it is the direction the current administration has been taking us at breakneck speed.

Mozilla founder and CEO Brendon Eich is fired for supporting traditional marriage. Dr. Ben Carson is repeatedly audited by the IRS. Dinesh D'Souza is under indictment and possible imprisonment for political contributions.

The politicization of behavior, speech and action suffocates liberty. As Rush Limbaugh repeatedly notes, the abuse of government institutions to pressure, intimidate and silence free citizens is the hallmark of dictators and tyrants, not of the republic our Founding Fathers envisioned.

The Declaration of Independence was not the blueprint for "Mein Kampf" or "Das Kapital." Meekness in lieu of outrage or protest invites the fate of the benighted sheep in "Silence of the Lambs." The meek do not inherit the earth, except from 6 feet under it. History repeatedly proves that only the strong survive

What has happened to our national backbone? After all, we are the heirs of the founding fathers.

Insult upon insult has been institutionalized by all three branches of government. Public welfare, affirmative action, illegal immigration, gay marriage, the war against success, confiscatory taxation and the repudiation of this country's vaunted exceptionalism have all been forced down our throats against our will. To add further insult to injury, it has all been done by the hands of those to whom we have entrusted our welfare.

Silence in the face of terrorism, whether from foreign or domestic enemies, is insanity, if not suicide. Yet that is precisely what Americans have been doing for 50 years. As our institutions are being relentlessly destroyed, the citizenry, with the exception of a handful of outspoken warrior patriots, is behaving like deer in the headlights.

Soon it will be too late to act. Revelation warns us of Armageddon. Never ignore the wisdom of the prophets.

Dr. R. CLAIRE FRIEND lives in Newport Beach.

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