Mailbag: CdM should have failed cheating students

Re: "Don't sue; make cheating episode a life lesson", (April 20): Writer Ray Kennedy wisely says the Corona del Mar High School students need to take responsibility for their actions, learn from their mistakes and become better people.

My thought was to give those caught cheating an "F" for the class, and then they can take the class over and obtain an honest grade.

That would be a more appropriate outcome, without all the drama, negotiated agreements, transfers and lawsuits.

Al Wonders

Newport Beach


Extremists have hijacked the GOP

Comparing liberals and left wing radicals to Hitler, Mao and Stalin ("Commentary: Speak up to protect our freedoms," April 20) would be laughable if not for the fact that such hate-filled diatribes are no longer the monopoly of fringe groups.

They have become the stock-in-trade for what passes as mainstream public discourse. Being unable to win their battles at the ballot box, despite their vast network of what I call the misinformation industry,and despite their billionaire sponsors, certain people play the victim card. Their disdain for and defiance of our government (particularly one headed by an African American) as manifested in the armed confrontation by militias in Nevada, borders on sedition.

I have great respect for stated Republican principles — small, less-intrusive government, for instance. However, today's Republican party has fallen off the right-wing cliff and is doing great harm to our nation.

I appeal to patriot Republicans to marginalize these hatemongers and bring their party back into the mainstream and compete for ideas.

Jamshed Dastur

Newport Beach


Council should respond to speakers

Costa Mesa residents who speak at City Council and Planning Commission meetings complain often that their ideas are ignored.

The officials, in particular the mayor, say they are not ignoring the speakers. They just disagree and, therefore, don't do what the residents are asking.

It seems to me that what makes the residents feel ignored is the complete lack of response to their suggestions, criticisms and requests. City officials ought to say how they disagree and why they do not want to adopt the speakers' recommendations or grant their requests.

To say nothing and take no action in response to a resident who has taken the trouble to attend a meeting and be involved is insulting. Residents rightly are offended.

Eleanor Egan

Costa Mesa

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