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St Joachim Sea Kings Boys 3-4 Gold Team sails over Harbor Day: It was a team effort that helped the St. Joachim win over Harbor Day, 5-2.

Jake Thomas scored the first goal with a powerful kick, thanks to help of all his teammates great passing. Hunter Hall, Rory McCory, and Michael Davey traveled and passed the ball setting up for the all St. Joachim goals. Cole McFetters had an exceptional game, scoring a hat trick. After his first half in goal, Donavon Crook came out strong and gave St. Joachim boys the fifth goal. The strong defense is what held back a powerful Harbor Day team. Chad Deegan never ran out of gas as sweeper. Chris Cornell, Carter Bays and Conrad Armijo were quick on their feet to stymie a formidable Harbor Day offense. Goalie Billy Shannon did not let any pass him with several saves.

Boys Silver 5-6 grade St Joachim team shut out Victoria 4-0: St Joachim started out strong with Ryan Del Valle, Spencer Morrison and Will Avonce driving the ball toward the goal. After several shots on goal by the team, Cole made a beautiful goal to start the scoring drive. Soon after, Schattinger shot again and hit the post, but Del Valle was there put the ball in the back of the net. Late in the first half Rex Kathcart drove the ball down field and scored.

The second half started out as a defensive battle. Cole Kinder, D.J Van Oostendorp, Sam Miller, Eduardo Figueroa and Michael Lehman protected the St Joachim goal. Forwards Ronald Tran and Chandler Siemonsma and Anthony Agama worked hard to put pressure on the Victoria goalie.

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