(High school football plays of 30 yards or more)

83 – Matt Carlyle (Estancia) punt return for touchdown

67 – Taylor Ross (Sage Hill) touchdown run

65 – Eric Cheng (Sage Hill) touchdown run

60 – Taylor Ross (Sage Hill) touchdown run

51 – Matt Carlyle (Estancia) kickoff return

48 – Taylor Petty (Sage Hill) pass from Randall Mycorn

46 – Buzzy Yokoyama (Newport Harbor) run

46 – Robert Murtha (Estancia) run

38 – Robert Murtha (Estancia) touchdown run

35 – Nathan Alvis (Costa Mesa) pass from Tyler Sheffner

33 – Clay Reinhardt (Corona del Mar) pass from Mitch Gardner

31 – Buzzy Yokoyama (Newport Harbor) run

30 – T.J. Danner (Sage Hill) touchdown run


(Top defensive plays)

ESTANCIA — Senior cornerback Jason Anaya breaks up a pass … Junior Andy Ugalde blocks a punt and senior Juan Mejia returns it 23 yards for a touchdown … Mejia recovers a fumble on the Eagles' 10-yard line … Senior safety Matt Carlyle almost intercepts a pass … Junior Alipa Peters has a four-yard sack … Senior cornerback Brandon Barron intercepts a pass in the red zone to end the first half … Peters stops a run for a five-yard loss … Ugalde stuffs a run for a two-yard loss … Peters stops the a run for no gain … Junior Ozzy Magana blocks a point-after attempt.

CORONA DEL MAR — Junior cornerback Cole Cottrell breaks up a pass … Senior end Alex Herrera stops a reverse for an eight-yard loss … Herrera trips up quarterback and junior outside linebacker Aaron White chimes in to produce a 13-yard loss … Junior cornerback Cole Cottrell intercepts pass at his own five-yard line … Senior safety Peter Markel and combine to stop a run for a one-yard loss … Junior tackle Kyle Sherburne levels quarterback to force incompletion … Herrera gives chase and Sherburne drops quarterback for 14-yard loss … Senior inside linebacker Preston Risser and Herrera team to drop ballcarrier for two-yard loss … White halts run for a five-yard loss … Senior cornerback Austin Jones breaks up pass … Senior end Aaron Vasquez slows quarterback and senior tackle Jon Metcalfe gets a 14-yard sack … Markel intercepts in the end zone … Junior outside linebacker Frasier Anderson halts run for a two-yard loss … Senior inside linebacker David Detrick produces an 11-yard sack … White stops a run for a three-yard loss … Jones breaks up key third-down pass … Cottrell breaks up long pass at CdM 20-yard line … Risser breaks up a pass in the final minute.

NEWPORT HARBOR — Senior cornerback Asa Lohr stuffs a pitch play for no gain … Senior tackle JB Salem halts a run for a one-yard loss … Senior safety Kellon Truxton turns runner inside and senior middle linebacker Blair Luchs makes the tackle for no gain … Sophomore Landon Gyulay partially blocks a punt and junior Vince Aqueveque recovers … Truxton breaks up a pass … Senior cornerback Parker Norton makes a near-interception … Gyulay blocks a punt and Bradley Beaudette recovers to set up a TD … Junior end Steve Michaelsen halts a run for a four-yard loss … Luchs drills ballcarrier for a two-yard loss … Truxton stops quarterback keep for a five-yard loss … Salem and senior tackle Johnny Herzog pressure quarterback who throws an incomplete pass … Michaelsen and Herzog combine to stop ballcarrier for a two-yard loss … Sophomore Tala Teaupa and junior Stone Manoa are among a group of tacklers that stuff a run for a two-yard loss … Manoa makes the first hit and Gyulay finishes the tackle to produce a 10-yard loss.

SAGE HILL — Sophomore lineman Tanner Tremaine bats down a screen pass … Junior cornerback Conner Ascher returns an interception 26 yards … Junior defensive back Conor Kort and junior linebacker David Fenner stuff a run for no gain … Junior linebacker Ford Hanour breaks up a two-point conversion pass … Ascher breaks up a pass … Senior linebacker Taylor Ross stops a run for a five-yard loss … Ross breaks up a pass … Kort and senior lineman T.J. Danner stop a run for no gain … Senior safety Randall Mycorn intercepts a pass … Junior cornerback Eric Cheng breaks up a two-point conversion pass.

COSTA MESA — Senior linebacker Tyler Sheffner strips the ball out of the tailback's hands … Junior Christian Contreras and senior lineman Roberto Ramirez combine to tackle runner for a two-yard loss … Senior end Nick Cendoya halts run for no gain.

— From staff reports

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