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Conner looking good

Dennis Conner just might be experiencing a return to glory of sorts Sunday after competing in the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race.

Conner’s Stars & Stripes appears set to have the best corrected overall time when results are finalized Sunday after 11 a.m., said Rich Roberts of the Newport Ocean Sailing Assn.

The only boat Conner trailed at the finish Saturday was Afterburner, Bill Gibbs’ 53-foot catamaran.

Sailors picked up speed during the race Saturday, as they caught onto 22 knots, but also endured low winds during the race of 125.5 nautical miles.

Seven of the 175 boats that entered did not start Friday, 13 others had dropped out.

No boats will be scored as finishing after 11 a.m. Sunday. The awards ceremony is scheduled for 2 p.m.

— Steve Virgen


First 10 finishers

1. Afterburner (Tennant Bladerunner 52), Bill Gibbs, Pierpont Bay Yacht Club, elapsed time 17 hours 8 minutes 53 seconds, corrected time 22:33:05.

2. Stars & Stripes (Farr 60), Dennis Conner, San Diego YC, ET 18:28:25, CT 20:40:11.

3. Alchemy (Dencho 70), Per Peterson, Oceanside YC, ET 19:20:23, CT 22:16:05.

4. Medicine Man (Andrews 63), Bob Lane, Long Beach YC, ET 19:24:13, CT 22:51:17.

5. Peligroso (Kernan 70), Lorenzo Berho, Mexico City, ET 19:45:33, CT 24:02:49.

6. It’s OK (Andrews 50), Tres Gordos LLC, ET 19:48:09, CT 21:47:23.

7. Taxi Dancer (Reichel/Pugh 68), Dick Compton/Jim Yabsley/Tom Parker, Santa Barbara YC, ET 20:28:13, CT 23:23:55.

8. Relentless (Santa Cruz 52T), Durant/Shew, Long Beach YC, ET 20:55:19, CT 21:45:31.

9. Stealth Chicken (Perry 56), Tim Beatty, ET 20:58:25, CT 22:07:27.

10. Piranha (Farr 40), David Voss, California YC, ET 21:05:45, CT 21:18:18.