(High school football plays of 30 yards or more)

73 – Titus Hasson (Newport Harbor) touchdown run

72 – Josh Giger (Corona del Mar) touchdown pass from Brent Lawson

69 – Mario Smith (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

65 – Robert Murtha (Estancia) run

60 – Jordan Walden (Costa Mesa) touchdown pass from Nathan Alvis

60 – Henry Vasquez (Estancia) touchdown pass from Levi Stillman

56 – Mario Smith (Costa Mesa) touchdown run

52 – Mario Smith (Costa Mesa) run

52 – Cole Cottrell (Corona del Mar) punt return for a touchdown

41 – Landon Gyulay (Newport Harbor) pass from Cole Blower

35 – Troy Reese (Corona del Mar) pass from Brent Lawson

33 – Erik Fisher (Corona del Mar) run

32 – Charlie Kim (Sage Hill) kickoff return

30 – Kory Cablay (Newport Harbor) kickoff return


(Top defensive plays)

NEWPORT HARBOR – Junior cornerback Landon Gyulay almost intercepts a pass … Senior end Steve Michaelsen drags down ballcarrier from behind for a one-yard loss on a fourth-and-one inside the Sailors' five-yard line … Senior middle linebacker Stone Manoa drops the quarterback for a three-yard loss after a bobbled snap … Senior linebacker Grant Frazier stops a screen pass for no gain on fourth-and-two … Gyulay breaks up a pass … Senior linebacker Ethan Cochran intercepts a pass … Michaelsen gets a one-yard sack … Manoa drops the quarterback for a two-yard loss … Senior safety Titus Hasson breaks up a pass in the end zone … Frazier breaks up pass … Senior linebacker Vince Aqueveque and Manoa combine on a two-yard sack … Michaelsen pressures the quarterback to throw an incomplete pass … Senior end Dalton Jensen pressures the quarterback … Senior cornerback Kory Cablay intercepts a pass.

SAGE HILL – Senior end Ford Hanour and junior end Sebastian Sadeghi combine to force a fumble that senior middle linebacker Michael Schidlovsky recovers and returns 22 yards for a touchdown … Freshman safety Beau Roth returns an interception 29 yards to set up a touchdown … Senior outside linebacker David Fenner stops a run for a two-yard loss … Fenner nails ballcarrier for a seven-yard loss … Fenner applies pressure on quarterback to force an incomplete pass … Sadeghi stuffs run for a three-yard loss … Hanour applies pressure to force incomplete pass … Fenner's pressure in the pocket prompts an incompletion … Roth returns an interception nine yards to set up a touchdown … Schidlovsky blocks a punt … junior outside linebacker Thomas Fenner recovers a fumble … David Fenner forces a fumble that junior cornerback Charlie Kim recovers to set up a touchdown … Tackle Jason Cowan and Sadeghi combine to stuff a run for a five-yard loss … Cowan stops ballcarrier for a one-yard loss … David Fenner makes three straight tackles for losses of seven, six and two yards, respectively.

COSTA MESA – Senior end Jake Comer records a one-yard sack … Senior noseguard Charles Mankin forces and recovers a fumble that he returns 10 yards … Sophomore linebacker Oronde Crenshaw posts a five-yard sack … Junior linebackers Justin Smith and Noah JeyaRajah and senior tackle Kevin Salyer combine on a seven-yard sack … Senior cornerback Jordan Walden returns an interception 25 yards for a touchdown … JeyaRajah, senior safety Trace Curet and junior linebacker Jose Villapondo combine on a four-yard sack … Senior tackle Christian Contreras collects an eight-yard sack … Walden breaks up a pass … Curet bats down a screen pass … A hard hit by junior tackle Anthony McCormick stops a screen pass for no gain … Senior cornerback Marcus Hayes intercepts a pass … Comer produces a four-yard sack … Comer gets a nine-yard sack … Senior George Mandujano recovers a muffed punt.

ESTANCIA – Senior end Andy Ugalde stuffs a run for a one-yard loss … Senior end Gabriel Carpio stops a run for a one-yard loss … Senior tackle Alipa Peters tackles quarterback for a three-yard loss … Junior middle linebacker Colby Koste stops a run for no gain … Koste stuffs a run for a three-yard loss … Senior linebacker Ozzy Magana stops a run for a five-yard loss … Peters stuffs running back for no gain … Senior linebacker Alex Rodriguez and Ugalde stop a run for no gain … Peters, Ugalde and Magana combine to halt a run for a five-yard loss … Koste deflects a pass that junior cornerback Levi Stillman intercepts and returns 18 yards for a touchdown … Ugalde pressures the quarterback, causing an intentional-grounding penalty … Koste tackles ballcarrier for no gain … Magana, Peters and Ugalde stuff a run for a five-yard loss … Senior strong safety Milton Gutierrez intercepts a pass … Ugalde recovers a muffed punt … Stillman intercepts a pass after tipping the ball into the air … Senior defensive back Alex Tenno breaks up a pass downfield on fourth down.

CORONA DEL MAR – Senior outside linebacker Frasier Anderson tackles ballcarrier for a two-yard loss … Junior end Tim Reinhardt stops quarterback for no gain … Senior linebacker Aaron White records a 12-yard sack … Anderson stuffs tailback for a one-yard loss … Anderson drops running back for a three-yard loss … Senior safety Kyle Sherburne breaks up a pass … Sherburne recovers a fumble … Senior linebacker David Moore pressures the quarterback, who throws the ball away … White gets a seven-yard sack.

— From staff reports

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