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After 70 years, Montrose Barber shop is a cut above

La Cañada Flintridge resident Tom Hokinson can’t remember how he stumbled into the Montrose Barber Shop for his first haircut there. He assumes that someone must have recommended the place, though he can’t remember, for sure. That was back in the 1970s, and now, Hokinson has been a regular for...


Championships are focus of state cross-country finals


Dining Review: Area eateries offer options to eat well and count Thanksgiving blessings


  • Letter: Thanksgiving, a corporate holiday?

    What drives us to reflect gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day? How we say our thanks and express our gratitude determines the fabric of our American lives and future. We are manipulated into spending money every Black Friday and Cyber Monday by corporations who, in turn, avariciously fill their...

  • Letter: Parking structure foretold Glendale's future

    Per my own reading of various archives, it was a majority of various City Council members’ acquiescent acceptance over the years of ever-increasing population growth-rate projections that really motivated their ongoing plans to build thousands of additional residential units in Glendale. Downtown's...

  • Letter: Plans for home project don't fit in Glendale neighborhood

    Once again it seems like Glendale City Hall is poised to approve a development project that not only goes against the wishes of the neighborhood but also threatens the essential character of the Chevy Chase Canyon communities as well as the environment and wildlife of the area. There is a project...

  • Letter: The downside to urban development in Glendale and Burbank

    Letter: The downside to urban development in Glendale and Burbank

    Thank you to Editor Dan Evans and his staff for asking important questions about how development has impacted Glendale's and Burbank's urban cores, how homeless families and young people cope with rising home prices and rents, and how and why land is developed or left undeveloped (Glendale News-Press...