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Youngsters get head start at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Junior Volleyball Camp


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Music Preview: Singer Julie Kelly highlights jazz songwriters who inhabit a 'special little world'


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  • Mailbag: Owning property is a business

    Owning an apartment building is an investment just like buying stocks or bonds and it is also a business. An individual takes money he or she has earned and saved and purchases a building and land with the expressed intention of making a return on that investment. Just like the person who purchases...

  • Mailbag: Reckless driving needs to be addressed

    I was nearly featured in a News-Press article this week. Not because I saved a puppy or wrote a best seller, but because I was almost the victim of a driver who confused North Verdugo Road with the 2 Freeway. As I waited for a clearing in oncoming traffic for a left turn, in the rearview mirror...

  • Mailbag: Students deserve equal protection

    The July 6 "In Theory" asked if religious colleges receiving federal funds should be allowed an exemption from Title IX regulations barring discrimination against LGBT students and faculty. Readers might assume that LGBT students would not attend a school whose tenets condemn them for who they...

  • Mailbag: Problem is access to guns

    Mailbag: Problem is access to guns

    I couldn't agree more with Rep. Schiff's assessment of gun violence and the power of the NRA to dictate legislation (or the lack thereof) regarding guns. And, once again, California leads the way with the recent passage of several sensible gun control bills. But it's not just Californians who support...


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