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12 Most Popular Beauty Products

12 Most Popular Beauty Products

From lipsticks and lip liners to eyebrow pencils and eye shadows, here are some of the most popular beauty products you should definitely have in your makeup kit.

1. Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundations are an alternative to powder foundations, though their general purpose is the same. However, liquid foundations are made to be seamless, resulting in a more refined and elegant finish that’s perfect to add on.

2. Eyebrow Pencils

Not everybody’s born with thick, even eyebrows, so eyebrow pencils were created to help solve that issue. By simply applying it to your eyebrows, you can achieve a few things, such as define a cleaner contour, add volume and thickness, and patch up uneven areas.

3. Mascara

Like eyebrows, eyelashes vary from person to person. Mascara allows anybody to have thick and defined eyelashes. They are applied using a special mascara brush that’s designed to easily apply the substance onto your eyelashes.

4. Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is primarily used to introduce depth into one’s eyes, allowing them to stand out more. Eye shadow is mainly applied on the eyelids, but it can also be used below the eyes too for a similar effect.

5. Blushes

Blushing is found to be attractive to many people, and blushes take advantage of this fact. It artificially recreates a blush on your cheeks, giving it more warmth and color. Some blushes can also be used on the lips to enhance their redness.

6. Lip Liner

Lip liners, as the name suggests, help line out the shape of a lip. The lip liner fills in uneven portions of the lip so that when you apply lipstick or some other lip product, your lips will end up looking even.

7. Lipstick

Lipstick is a popular lip product used to enhance the redness of one’s lips. It is also used to add a certain texture to the lips, and some even function as lip balms to hydrate the lips and prevent chapping.

8. Makeup Brush

Makeup brushes are used to apply various types of makeup on one’s face and body. The type of brush depends on the product being used, with some products requiring specialized makeup brushes to properly apply the makeup, such as a mascara brush.

9. Concealer

Concealers are used to cover and conceal dark circles that may appear under the eyelids. Aside from dark circles, it can also hide moles, pores, birthmarks, blemishes, and more. Concealer has a similar quality to foundation but is generally thicker.

10. Pore Minimizers

Pore minimizers help instantly close and minimize large, visible pores. A pore minimizer is a quicker alternative to minimizing pores through other methods, such as regular face cleansing.

11. Luminizer

Luminizers are applied to the skin and help make it look younger and youthful. The skin also gains a shimmer from the luminizer that improves the overall glow of the skin, hence the name.

12. Face Primer

Face primers are substances usually applied before other makeup products, such as foundation. A face primer helps prepare the face for makeup and even keeps the makeup on your face for longer periods of time, making it useful for extended events.

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