Fifty times we did the math

At today's Times, the spreadsheet has joined the telephone, notepad and camera among the essential tools for practicing journalism.

Reporters and editors in our newsroom routinely build and analyze databases as part of their work. Some are even skilled at computer programming.

Here are 50 examples of Times staff crunching the numbers in 2018, illuminating topics that range from wildfires to millionaire politicians to the secret to finding a shady seat at Dodger Stadium.

1. How the Rams’ offense turned the team into a contender

2. Trump appointing judges at rapid pace

3. L.A. faces skyrocketing costs for lawsuits over bike crashes

4. Aging cops and firefighters miss years of work and collect twice the pay

5. Huge increase in arrests of homeless in L.A. — but mostly for minor offenses

6. In shadow of San Andreas fault, hundreds of Inland Empire buildings face collapse

7. The NRA used to be a bipartisan campaign contributor. In 1994, that changed. Here's why

8. California sends 20 millionaires to Congress. Here's what we know about their fortunes

9. Garcetti still struggling to expand the number of female firefighters

10. 17 years. 179 victims. The deadly toll of street racing in Los Angeles

11. The Jefferson Census

12. More than 60 deaths in fires, floods expose weaknesses in California's emergency planning

13. How to find the shade at Dodger Stadium

14. Plan to dramatically increase development would transform some L.A. neighborhoods

15. The Exide plant in Vernon closed 3 years ago. The vast majority of lead-contaminated properties remain uncleaned

16. Albert Pujols accomplishes one of baseball’s rarest feats

17. A few rich charter school supporters are spending millions to elect Antonio Villaraigosa as California governor

18. How California’s primary could stop Democrats from retaking the U.S. House

19. Fueled by unlimited donations, independent groups play their biggest role yet in a California primary for governor

20. Trump's new insurance rules are panned by nearly every healthcare group that submitted formal comments

21. Track the money that fueled the California primary for governor

22. There’s a rising Democratic tide in Orange County

23. The Fourth of July brings some of the year's worst air pollution. You can thank fireworks

24. Pushback against immunization laws leaves some California schools vulnerable to outbreaks

25. As L.A. struggles to reduce traffic deaths, speed limits keep going up

26. L.A. is slammed with record costs for legal payouts

27. As Netflix surges, original content is the new black. But licensed shows still take the crown

28. More than 50% of this California county has burned since 2012. Some residents say they've had enough

29. California homeowners get to pass low property taxes to their kids. It's proved highly profitable to an elite group

30. How Garcetti is spreading wealth and influence across the U.S. with his ‘Victory Fund’

31. The definitive guide to the kings and queens of tennis

32. For many women across the U.S., it’s already a post-Roe vs. Wade reality

33. How eight elite San Francisco families funded Gavin Newsom’s political ascent

34. Can California’s next governor fix the state’s problems? It depends on Palo Alto

35. L.A. County deputies stopped thousands of innocent Latinos on the 5 Freeway in hopes of their next drug bust

36. Can LeBron become the best scorer to wear a Lakers uniform?

37. At Hollister Ranch, homeowners enjoy private beaches — and hefty tax breaks, too

38. L.A. County firefighters earn massive overtime pay, busting budgets and raising questions

39. California police uphold few complaints of officer misconduct and investigations stay secret

40. Reforming controversial retirement program for L.A. police and firefighters would save millions

41. Republican campaign money stretched thin as the party battles on unexpected fronts

42. How many women won?

43. The world’s best-selling civilian helicopter has a long history of deadly crashes

44. Woolsey fire likely worst ever to hit Malibu

45. How the midterms helped Democrats sweep Orange County

46. California’s outdated election scoreboard fuels baseless suspicion as vote count ends

47. Some L.A. pensions are so huge they exceed IRS limits, costing taxpayers millions extra

48. A million California buildings face wildfire risk. ‘Extraordinary steps’ are needed to protect them

49. In prosecutions of street racing, penalties aren’t as stiff as some would like

50. Cover to cover: The colors of NYRB Classics

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