Reel Critics: 'Prince' is destined to make money, sequels

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Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer joined forces to create the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

They teamed up again to produce the swashbuckling "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time." It's based on a successful video game, which ensures an audience of millions of teenage geeks who own and play the game.

The PG family appeal is enhanced by adding elements from other successful adventure films. Indiana Jones, James Bond and Spiderman would all feel at home in this movie. Dramatic thrills and desperate characters fill the screen.

Epic battles, political intrigue and loud special effects punctuate the story.

Jake Gyllenhaal is Dastan, the prince of the title and a very buffed superhero with ninja skills.

Ben Kingsley plays his evil uncle who frames Dastan for the murder of the King.

Alfred Molina provides comic relief as the leader of a band of outlaws who befriends the fallen prince.

Gemma Arterton is the stunning princess and love interest in the plot.

A major science-fiction theme arises when time travel and mystical subplots are added to the complex story.

All this calculated effort leaves no doubt this formula action flick is designed to make lots of money and lots of sequels.

The Fab Four are back in 'Sex' Not the Beatles — although at times they do resemble Sgt. Pepper in drag. I'm talking about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda — overdressed, over-privileged, over-wrought New York women who leap at the chance for a vacation in Abu Dhabi to "get away from it all."

"Sex and the City 2" gives us another look at the much-beloved characters from the TV series and the 2008 film. While the first movie had some dramatic places to explore, the sequel has nowhere to go except over the hill. In this case, more is simply a snore.

It starts with a wedding so over the top it's laughable, including Liza Minnelli's and Kim Cattrall's unfortunate Kabuki makeup. The ladies do look gorgeous, if overdressed, for 119-degree sun in their designer togs. Turbans and caftans and leggings, oh my!

The "Big" drama here is poor little Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) fretting that she and her fabulous hubby (Chris Noth) are turning into Boring Married Couple in their fabulously appointed Manhattan apartment.

Honestly, what do these women really have to complain about besides a few hot flashes? All the single ladies should be hurling their Manolos at the screen in protest.

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