Everyone loves Hans — and his parties

Mostly everyone who frequents Landmark Steakhouse in Corona del Mar knows about the crazy, fun optometrist. He's the guy who likes to party and every once in a while he'll create a theme so he can have some more fun with his friends.

They were at it again June 15, this time with a vintage punch bowl, loud-colored clothing and big hair. Hans Steimann, the 31-year-old optometrist from Santa Ana, was at the center of the night with a smile, of course, and a hug for you if you dressed up for his Awesome 80s Prom party.

Steimann loves to go to Landmark, an upscale-type restaurant that converts into a hip night club on Friday and Saturday nights. For the past seven years, Steimann has been a regular at Landmark.

He becomes a little more excited for the theme parties he's created. On this particular 80s-themed night, a prom for adults, Steimann looked like a glam-rock star and ready to party like one. His date, who went by the name of, "Misty," wore her dress, hairstyle and makeup so well that it would make Molly Ringwald blush.

They were two of roughly 30 people who dressed up for the theme party. The limit for the club is 200, but there appeared to be more than that June 15. Some of those who didn't dress in theme stared at the 80s revelers awkwardly while others appeared as if they wanted to join in on the fun.

"We like to do the theme parties so the normal people have an excuse to be fun," Steimann said. "On Halloween, some girls like to dress up slutty because of the theme and that's OK. So we do the themes so people can come out of their shell. This frees people from their normal social judgment and it allows them to express themselves more freely."

Steimann began his theme parties with a hat and wig shindig. Steimann and his entourage wore either a big hat or wig and not much else.

Back in December, they came to Landmark for a Naughty or Nice Santa party with some dressing up in sexy Christmas festive outfits. A few months back, Steimann led a theme that had an 80s ski-weekend-type feel to it, as the partyers wore neon-colored snow-mountain outfits.

"It's just fun," said Steimann, who throws the theme parties every once in a while and posts a Facebook event page to entice more people to come. "Most people I find always want to do things that are fun like this but never do them. I'm the type of person that anything I feel like doing I do it."

Mike Langsam, the general manager at Landmark, enjoys Steimann and his theme parties. Langsam says the parties are fun and adds a unique vibe to the night.

Steimann is happy to bring the party to Landmark. It's almost like a second home for him.

"I really like the crowd here," he said. "It's just the coolest place ever. The staff is really fun. They are like family."


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