Eye on Arts and Entertainment

Suzie Harrison

Laguna Beach had a thousand things going on in the art world this past

week. Of course, the ArtWalk was as spectacular as ever. It was fun to

bring friends from out of town who haven’t ever experienced it. They are


always impressed and can’t believe an event such as this exists.

Inspiring artists are even more envious about this Laguna art jewel.

Preceding ArtWalk, Community Art Project unveiled its newest project

-- a mural by Laguna Beach artist Yuri Kuznetsov.


CAP’s project leader for the mural was Mike Tauber who is also a

member of the arts commission.

“The city has more public art because of the business owners showing

their support and it shows that the community is an active part of

helping these projects happen,” Tauber said.

CAP President Julita Jones introduced the project and City Council

member Toni Iseman, who spoke and facilitated with the unveiling along

with Elena Zass gallery representative where Kuznetsov’s work is on



Thanks to arts coordinator Sian Poeschl, I am able to share

Kuznetsov’s speech at the installation, which also offers a little

insight into the piece’s meaning.

“First of all I would like to thank Elena Zass Galleries and The

Community Art Project for giving me this opportunity. I would also like

to say a special thank you to Mike Tauber of CAP who was instrumental in

making this project a reality.


“I am very excited to have the honor of displaying my work in the city

I have come to call my home in America, Laguna Beach. When I came to this

country three years ago, no one could have imagined, especially me, the

tragic events that would unfold on Sept. 11.

“However out of that unimaginable event came an equally unimaginable

show of American inner strength.

“What I saw in the days and the weeks that followed was an incredibly

inspirational display of patriotism from all the peoples of America.

People from different countries and backgrounds living and working in

America shared the common experience of being an American.

“It is the essence of these cultural differences shared by all those

passengers of American Freedom and Liberty on their journey to a brighter

future filled with optimism that I have tried to capture on canvas.

“On yet another level I see the limousine of mother earth the vehicle

in which all the peoples of the world are united on that ultimate journey

we call, life. Hopefully we can all get along together and enjoy the


“I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoyed creating it,”

said Kuznetsov.

SH Blanc/Noir exhibit unveiled at Richard MacDonald gallery Saturday.

The Richard MacDonald Gallery will premiere the Blanc/Noir exhibition

by artist Richard MacDonald from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturday at an artist’s

reception.In a unique departure from patina to perspective, international

artist MacDonald will present Blanc Noir, an exploration into the varying

tones of black and white.

MacDonald will introduce his exhibition of one-of-a-kind sculptures

and drawings, including the premier of a new sculpture series inspired by

Cirque du Soleil and acclaimed Flamenco Dancer, Jordi Caballero.

MacDonald creates a plaster for almost every piece and hand carves

each as an original. He considers these plasters one of the most valuable

works because it is the original, beyond the clay, and the primary source

used to create a mold from which a limited edition can be cast.

These works will be on display through May 19 at the Laguna Beach

Gallery & Sculpture Garden at 326 Glenneyre Street. Information about the

gallery: 497-4988 or

SH[seven-degrees7*] explores ISM’s of identity through student’s


UC Irvine student art exhibition entitled ISMs will be featured at

[seven-degrees] on May 23 with a reception with the artists from 7 to 10


“The quality of work they are producing is incredible. The students

give a fresh perspective,” said marketing director Allison Ahfeldt.

Charmmie Park, Deanna Erdmann and Zamiro Bennem have collaborated to

present ISMs at [seven-degrees], a visual discourse to expand the

understanding of identity.

The three artists Park, Erdmann and Bennem are currently studying at

the UC Irvine Clair Trevor School of Arts. Their work opens a discussion

of sociopolitical constructions and institutions, which create and

conflict with ideologies.

ISMs fostered a personal investigation into the roots of each of the

artists to extrapolate thoughts of the various modes of interpretation.

“This project reflects my own transformative process; a process which

metaphorically mimics my internal struggle with issues of race, religion,

sexuality and other social prejudices,” said Erdmann.

The ISMs exhibit will be featured in the media lounge at

[seven-degrees] at 890 Laguna Canyon Road. For further information on

these artists, or [seven-degrees] call 376-1555.