Derby days

Several hundred youngsters, many of whom dressed the part, came

out to the Huntington Beach Pier Saturday to cast their lines in the

39th annual Huck Finn Fishin' Derby.

Dressed as Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher, children were scattered

along the pier for the three-hour derby, presented by the city of

Huntington Beach and co-sponsored by Let's Go Fishing and Fish Talk

Radio. There were winners in five divisions of the fishing contest

including a best dressed competition.

The 2002 derby winners were as follows: Grand Prize, largest fish:

Jared Burch, 2.05 pounds. Girls' largest fish: Alexandra Coultrip,

1.50 pounds. Largest fish (7 & Under): 1. Jose Lamas, 1.25 pounds; 2.

Sierra Corbin, 1.20 pounds; 3. Christian Best, 1.15 pounds. argest

Fish (ages 8 to 11): 1. Alexandra Coultrip, 1.5 pounds; 2. Justen

Steeman, .70 pounds; 3. Lauran Robinson, .60 pounds. Largest Fish

(ages 12 to 15): 1. Damien Franco, 1.05 pounds; 2. Brian Visnoski,

.95 pounds; 3. John Brown, .40 pounds. Best Dressed Huck Finn: 1.

Thai Lawrence; 2. Ryan Shean; 3. Jacob Delaney; 4. Dustin Higley; 5.

Matthew Watersfield. Best Dressed Beck Thatcher: 1. Olivia Mello; 2.

Hannah Blankenship; 3. Nicole Grimes; 4. Magen Ely; 5. Sarah Kuntz.

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