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No end to the need

We applaud those who put together and participated in the benefit

for Joey Masella.

A year ago many people were talking about what they could do for

him and his family. But the attention wore off and it took that year


for someone to come along and revive the interest. On Aug. 22

[seven-degrees] of Sound hosted a show for Joey and raised about


Unfortunately there’s no end to the need for volunteers and


donations -- even with all the charitable events in this most

generous of cities.

Joey’s medical needs will continue for some time and the Masellas

continue to fight to pay for it all. To make donations to the Joey

Masella Fund, call Sande St. John 499-9429 or Sandy Thornton


In case giving to the Masella Fund isn’t satisfying enough for

your generosity gene, fear not, there are many other worthy community


programs in the city. There’s the Cross-cultural Council with its Day

Worker Center and the La Playa Center offering English as a second

language classes with free child care. Anyone who wants to volunteer

to help with the program can call Sally Rapuano at 494-8618.

Even Start provides pre-school for low-income families.

Kindergarten teachers can usually tell which kids have gone to

pre-school -- yes, some kids just have great home-schooling type

parents who give them the necessary edge. But pre-school typically


makes a difference in a child’s behavior and ability in his or her

first year of school, which can make a difference to the quality of

education for the whole class. To give to that program, call Terry

Anne Barman at 376-7113.

The Benevolence Fund, which recently raised more than $12,000 at a

fund-raiser at the Sawdust Art festival, helps Laguna artists who

need medical assistance. To make donations, write to the Sawdust

Festival, attn: Benevolence Fund, 935 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna

Beach 92651.

The Community Service Program Youth Shelter provides a safe place

for teens who are having trouble at home. The home provides a place

for them to “take a break.” The shelter needs clothes and lots of

food -- they are growing teenagers after all. To help, call Carol

Carlson at 494-4311.

There’s also the Friendship Shelter, a rehabilitation shelter for

the homeless. They need towels, toiletries, food and money, call

494-6929. The animal shelter’s number is 497-3552.

The Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach is trying to rebuild its

center, which is pretty much in need of a complete overhaul. To help

the club, call Kim Maxwell at 494-2535.

If none of these groups pique your interest there are plenty more

in the city who could use your help. This is just a taste of what the

city has to offer to those looking for a good cause. Have at it.