Here are a few of the issues...

Here are a few of the issues the commission decided Thursday:


The commission unanimously approved a change to the general plan

to increase the square footage permitted at the Newport Sports

Museum, which is at 100 Newport Center Drive. Museum officials want

to expand by 1,550 square feet to enclose a 780-square-foot patio for

a new interactive museum area.

Museum officials also are seeking retroactive approval for an

already-built, 770-square-foot, second-floor addition constructed

without proper approvals and permits. Finally, they are looking to

expand into 3,500 square feet of space currently occupied by another



The issue now goes to the City Council for approval.

If all the expansion is approved, it will result in total museum

area -- including display area and offices -- of about 9,871 square



The commission put off for two weeks a decision on allowing the

increase of on-site parking from 122 to 129 spaces at the Bahia

Corinthian Yacht Club and of allowing the club to keep 100 boats in

the outdoor dry boat storage area.

The club's application is related to its operation. Its site plan

and on-site parking provisions have deviated significantly from its

operations in the early 1970s; the required number of parking spaces

is not being provided; a control gate at the main entry to the

parking lot had been installed without approval; and the dry boat

storage area within the property was about twice the size authorized

by a permit for the yacht club in 1969.

Also, since that time, the club has opened to the public,

increasing its use and resulting in increased parking demand that

can't be accommodated on-site.

The commission continued the issue until its next meeting because

planning staff members didn't get new information from the club about

its securing off-site parking until right before the public hearing.


The commission will revisit this issue in two weeks.

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