Thanks for helping to save the Boom

Thanks for helping save the Boom. Hopefully, someone will buy it, fix it up and turn it into the best gay hotel and bar in the world.

Laguna is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I have traveled to more than 30-plus countries in my 38-year life and I love Laguna.



No City

Loss of Boom would hurt Laguna Beach

Being born and raised in Laguna, I believe that the Boom Boom Room represents much more than just gay people, but the entire town’s history of “live and let live” acceptance and attitude for everyone (artists, tourists, homeless, Hari Krishnas, different races and orientations).

I used to go shoot pool and hang out because as a straight female, it was “safe” and I could be with my friends without getting hit on; it was relaxing (in an emotional sense. It was by no means boring!)


Besides, there’s nothing more fun than watching a bunch of really hot guys dancing!

With the desire of the city to maintain the European/Riviera air about the town, it would really be a shame to lose this dimension.


Dana Point

Boom a worldwide landmark for gays

I’m a long time supporter of the Boom Boom Room. I think it’s an important landmark for not only Laguna Beach, but for the entire gay community. It represents freedom of expression, a sense of community and loyalty. It also attracts thousands of gay tourists from all over the world, making a huge monetary impact on the Laguna Beach economy.

We have a mission, and that is to take Laguna Beach back! If this establishment disappears, it will seriously hurt this priceless subculture that has played a huge role on the real estate boom.

The Boom Boom Room is part of history and tradition, it’s been there for 65 years! This is a landmark! Let’s keep it that way!



Los Angeles

Boom a vital part of Laguna Beach life

Thank you for all of the great coverage of the Save the Boom campaign. I used to live in Laguna in my younger days and the Boom was a vital part of the coming-out experience.

It is also a landmark for the area and Southern California in general, especially before gay rights were on the forefront of public discussions.


No city

There is a better way to handle job-seekersLaguna Beach City officials had opened the site in order to move the problem of loitering, unemployed, illegal aliens. Isn’t there a better way of handling unemployed, homeless vagrants who loiter in town?


I would think the local police would ask for identification. If the vagrants had no identification documents, then take them to the County Sheriff. Perhaps, call ICE for help.

Handled correctly the problem would eventually go away. Now look at the mess.

Our elected officials are under an oath to defend the Constitution of the USA. The U.S. Constitution says the elected state and local governments are responsible for repelling invasions, and if they can’t handle it, they call the sheriff, and the sheriff calls the governor, who can call the president.

If a conspiracy prevents the elected government from carrying out their duty, they shall call for the president to remedy the situation. However, the citizens can form into local militias and bear arms, to handle the situation, until reinforcements arrive. Where a citizen performs duty for country, the laws provide protections.

David Peck, of the Cross Cultural Council, plays a nice game of semantics, calling, the cost “a suggested donation rather than a service fee.” Nope! It is a fee and the staff member takes it from the day laborers and the customers, then the staff member assigns the laborer to the employer. Under California’s Business and Professions Code 9998-9998.8 the staff member and his/her employer are breaking state laws.



Labor center should be shut down

The Day Labor Site in Laguna Beach needs to be closed down. The city should not be running an employment agency for Illegal aliens.



Labor center hurts the taxpayers

I am writing to support the closure of the day labor center in Laguna Beach. This is just another illustration of law breakers trying to bend the rules at the taxpayers’ expense. No illegal labor centers! We are a land of laws, not lawbreakers!



Land should be used for something else

It is my opinion that the center be closed down and some other activity put in its place. If it is vacant it might continue to be used without permission.


Niles, MI

Center promotes illegal activity

Regarding your question (Coastline Pilot, May 25) if the day labor site should be shut down. Of course the day labor site should be closed down. It is an illegal business catering to criminals (illegal aliens) and serves as another magnet to attract ever more illegals to sneak into the country and specifically into Laguna Beach. And remember, those who hire them are not only violating federal law, they are cheating some Americans out of a job just to save a few bucks.

Shame on those who hire illegals. Further, the city is using your tax payer money to support this illegal activity.

Yes, probably not all the workers are illegal aliens, but until it is a legally run business (like any employment agency) and all those seeking work there are verified as legal citizens, then it is an illegal operation and should be shut down.

Also, the concern about workers standing around town seeking work if there was no day labor site is not valid. If we allowed the police to work with the Immigration Authorities there would be few, if any, workers hanging around town.


Laguna Beach

Deport illegals, don’t hire them

I feel like I have banged my head on a rock and perhaps got mixed up. Is it for real that our city is actually breaking the law?

Besides all the ramifications already stated, what kind of message does this send to teenagers, our future leaders? If you don’t like a law, break it?

If the purpose of the site is to contain day laborers, illegals, why not enforce the law and have law enforcement ask for the papers of each worker.

If they are not legal, deport them.


Laguna Beach

Supporting illegal workers hurts city

We hear of illegal immigration occurring through horrific stories of sacrifice and underground, abusive, inhumane methods of exploitation. These stories tug at our hearts and minds for understanding and trigger thankful thoughts of being a citizen in a country where so many want to live.

On the other hand, millions come across from border cities, like Tijuana, in the more mundane comfort of a car or truck, for example, to ostensibly shop. To pretend this does not happen on a regular and repeated basis is to stick your head in the sand.

Supporting an illegal day labor site may comfort those who want to believe they are altruistic, humanitarian, open-minded, or any number of other adjectives indicating a global soul.

However, the details come down to supporting an illegal enterprise that circumvents individual responsibilities to contribute to infrastructures and community services on a local level while constantly draining those very resources.

The truth is that public funds are supplementing cheaper labor, off-the-books labor, and convenient labor rather than encouraging and supporting the growth of a local handy-man service, gardener, or some other small business that would step in to fill the void of illegal labor while actually paying taxes, keeping records, and ... perhaps, gosh, participate in the community.

Of course, it would probably cost you more individually when you want to transplant that large bush in your yard.

Cynicism ... no, realism ... yes ... if you truly believe there are jobs that can not be filled through legal employment, then work to change the immigration laws to allow for guest workers, seasonal workers, etc. However, do not pretend that when you hand that day laborer your cash and contribute to the support of an illegal immigrant, it does not have a heavier cost to you or your children’s future.


Mission Viejo