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The following is from the Oct. 9 meeting of the Laguna Beach Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Quest 4 program to be overhauled

Superintendent Robert Fraisse presented the board with a draft plan to revamp the Quest 4 Excellence program, which he described as “Q4e 2.0.”

A steering committee composed of district, school and community leaders would benchmark practices and provide input to the board, which unofficially approved Fraisse to move forward with his plan.


Chaperone sobriety sought for sports trips

Prior to the unanimous approval of two upcoming out-of-town sports trips, board members spoke of their desire to create a policy that would prohibit chaperones and coaches from consuming alcohol on such trips.

“As a board member, I have a problem with these field trips (without such a policy in place),” Theresa O’Hare said.

The policy is currently in the process of being brought forward, but Assistant Superintendent Nancy Hubbell said she would accelerate its discussion.


“It is crystal clear what our expectations are,” Laguna Beach High School Principal Don Austin said. “Our expectation is that there will be no alcohol at events.”

He added that there has been 100% adherence to the unofficial policy this year.

“There is no question in my mind that it’s under control,” Board Clerk El Hathaway said.

Resident honored for generosity, dedication

Laguna resident and business owner Claes Andersen was honored by the board for his generosity and dedication.

Board President Betsy Jenkins, who described Andersen as “one of the most generous people in Laguna Beach,” noted dinners and other events which Andersen has underwritten to benefit the city’s schools.

“Claes and (his wife) Georgia have contributed well over $100,000 to the Laguna Beach schools,” Jenkins said.

Andersen also established what is now the Visitors’ Bureau, and has been on the boards of the Laguna College of Art & Design, the Festival of Arts, Laguna Art Museum and other local institutions.


Andersen owns and operates the Hotel Laguna and its Claes Restaurant.

College options explored at high school

Austin gave a report on the school’s emphasis on educating students and parents on their postsecondary options.

“What we do is so superior to what most of us had in high school,” Austin said.

About 100 parents attended a recent discussion on college options, where they learned 60% of students attend four-year colleges after graduation and 30 to 40% attend two-year colleges.

They also learned how to fill out college applications.

At the school’s college roundup for students, about 600 to 650 attended, where they learned about colleges from across the country as well as college preparation programs and a college tour organization.

— Candice Baker